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 Current Weapon Techniques

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Current Server Weapons Information:
(Note: Does NOT include custom Techniques.)

Mele Techniques fall into Ranks, Rank1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and forbidden. Each rank costs a different amount of Mana Points, NOTE: Normal Mele attacks cost no Mana, their just Normal Attacks. To learn Mele Attacks, you simply roll Dex or Str Adding Nothing, if you meet, or pass the DC then you learn the Technique (Note: If you crit, then it counts as two passes.), everytime you fail you gain a tally mark, if you gain three tally marks, then you cannot try to learn THAT technique for another two days. Now, the DC's to learning Mele Techniques and Requirements area as follows:

Another Note: Only One Weapon Technique may be Learned a Week, and if it is Above Rank 2, Requires a DM witness.


Rank 1-3: Multiply the Weapon Techniques Rank Number by 2, and then add 10 to it.
Rank 4-5: Multiply the Weapon Techniques Rank Number by 2, and then add 20 to it.
Forbidden: Has a DC of 35. (Meaning You must have a perfect 20 Modifier, and at least roll a 15 or higher.)


Rank 1: Level 5, 14 Dex or Str.
Rank 2: Level 10, 18 Dex or Str.
Rank 3: Level 15, 22 Dex or Str.
Rank 4: Level 25, 28 Dex or Str.
Rank 5: Level 35, 34 Dex or Str.
Forbidden: Level 40, 38 Dex or Str.

NOTE: To master the Technique the User must Pass the DC 5 Times, Each Pass of the DC Lower's the DC by 1 Point

Actual Weapons Techniques:

Rank 1: Costs 2 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Geist Schrägstrich (Spirit Strike)
Rank: Rank 1
Description: The user of this technique would pour a bit of mana into their weapon, making it more dense. The strike would seem to have more power behind it than usual.
DF Effect: Addition, +2 to your damage roll, for that turn.

Name: Drachen Streik (Dragon Slash)
Rank: Rank 1
Description: The user would focus a small portion of their mana into a slash, that would inflict a wound, that would cause the victim to bleed more than the small wound should allow, for a small amount of time.
DF Effect: It makes the victim bleed out 1 point of damage for two turns, starting the beginning of the victim’s turn.

Name: Anhebung Klinge (Raising Blade)
Rank: Rank 1
Description: This technique is a counter, as soon as the opponent attacks, the user would pour a small amount of mana into their arm’s to try and speed up their swing, if it is successful it would look as if the tip of their was bending from the velocity of the swing, as it lightly rakes the opponent pushing them back a step.
DF Effect: Used on your defensive turn, on success, you deal only 2 points of damage to your opponent, and get to continue with your turn. On failure, you take 2 extra points of damage from your opponents damage roll.

Rank 2: Costs 4 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Anhebung Drachen Tod (Raising Dragons Death)
Rank: Rank 2
Description: The user focuses their mana through their arms to augment their muscles, before they bombard their opponent with a few vicious strikes.
DF Effect: Additional +1d4 damage to their damage roll.

Name: Schrägstrich (Spinning Jab)
Rank: Rank 2
Description: A basic move by normal standards, the user focuses their mana into the blades tip before suddenly launching forward with their mana sharpened blade.
DF Effect: +3 DR-pierce, doesn’t add to dmg.

Name:Doppel-Schritt (Double Step)
Rank: Rank 2
Description: A simple movement compared to others of its rank, the user simply focuses their mana into their arms. They would force their arm forward in two swift strikes.
DF Effect: For the users attack, they roll 2d4+2 damage, adding strength bonus to final damage amount. Their normal 'd' of damage is not rolled when this technique is used.

Rank 3: Costs 6 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Janchu-Kenshou (Flat Sword Thrust)
Rank: Rank 3
Description: The user Focuses their Magic through their body allowing them a short burst of speed , to knock their opponents blade or weapon out wide. The next motion involves stabbing the attacking extremity.
DF Effect: Used on Defense, Deals 1d4+Strength Bonus Damage to the Opponent On a Successful Defensive Action. On failure, the user takes an extra 1d4+2 damage.

Name: Hikohamajiko (Spinning Edge)
Rank: Rank 3
Description: The user focuses their mana along the blades edge, before striking, the blade would look as if it comes from multiple different every angle at the target to create a gash that looks like an X.
DF Effect: Additional +4 Damage.

Rank 4: Costs 8 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Pocuhaji Lamagoki (Strike of Heaven)
Rank: Rank 4
Description: By allowing their blade to feed of their mana, the blade begins to glow, the user then thinks and focuses on positive thoughts of hope, and happiness, allowing it to guide and fill then, suddenly the blade sparks with holy light as he blasts forward to slam it into the target, causing a minor explosion of holy light.
DF Effect: Additional +2d4+2 Holy Damage to the Target.

Name: Jashiku (Hells Strike)
Rank: Rank 4
Description: The user allows their mana into the blade, focusing on heat and destruction as the mana becomes living flames that crackle along the weapons edge as the user flashes forward spinning the blade to rake and burn them across the body of the target.
DF Effect: Additional +2d4+2 Fire Damage.

Rank 5: Costs 10 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Hajikogoshadokaduji no Badashiki (Heaven and Hell Grand Strike)
Rank: Rank 5
Description: The User focuses a huge amount of mana into their weapons, crossing their weapons, or arms they focus it, causing one arm, or one blade to burst into pitch black flames of hellfire, then the other to burst into flames of heavens power as bright white golden flames envelope the other arm, or blade as they blast forward to cut the target with the powers of both hell and heaven.
DF Effect: Two Attack Rolls. First Deals 1d10+2d4 Fire Damage, Second Deals 1d10+2d4 Holy Damage. Strength Bonus Damage is Added to the Final Damage. Not Critable, and Power Bonuses are not Added Damage-Wise.

Name: Dajahiko Draken no Tohi (Spinning Hurricane of the Dragon)
Rank: Rank 5
Description: The User braces both of their arms along their weapon, or weapons, and forces mana to flow through their arms and limbs, grinding their teeth as their muscles tear a bit from the strain of focusing a vast amount of mana. They would then suddenly launch themselves forward as the mana begins to glow into the physical shape of a roaring dragon of fire around their weapon as they strike.
DF Effect: Deals Mele Damage +4d4 Fire Damage.

Forbidden: Costs 20 Mana Points to Use.
  • Requires that your character has Forbidden already on them.
  • You have to make the technique yourself to go through DM approval.
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Current Weapon Techniques
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