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 Current Ranged Techs

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~Ranged Combat Information~
(Note: Does NOT include custom Techniques.)

Points to the usage of ranged weapons of anysort to inflict physical damage from a distance, examples of these would be weapons such as bows, crossbows, slings, thrown weapons discluded as they can benefit from regular melee-techniques.

Making a ranged attack generaly by rule implies you CANNOT move from the spot upon going to act out your  action for such going by that drawing the arrrow of ammo into place takes time unless powers imply otherwise, this is to avoid people loop-holing the described below Point-Blank Shooting!.

Ranged Attacks Are generaly implied to be used with DEXTERITY as an attack roll unless wielder goes about using special  bought items) "High-Strung" weapons that requires the wielder to have great physical strength or effort to pull the string back or to  use the weapon all-in general.

Ranged attacks are made at normal melee-die and adds STR to each hit up to once per round.

-Point Blank Shooting!-
Ranged Attacks are made at a -2 to hit-roll when used against targets within melee-range of the user itself unless power specifies otherwise.


  • Rank 1-3: Multiply the Techniques Rank Number by 2, and then add 10 to it.
  • Rank 4-5: Multiply the Techniques Rank Number by 2, and then add 20 to it.
  • Forbidden: Has a DC of 35. (Meaning You must have a perfect 20 Modifier, and at least roll a 15 or higher.)


  • Rank 1: Level 5, 14 Dex or Str.
  • Rank 2: Level 10, 18 Dex or Str.
  • Rank 3: Level 15, 22 Dex or Str.
  • Rank 4: Level 25, 28 Dex or Str.
  • Rank 5: Level 35, 34 Dex or Str.
  • Forbidden: Level 40, 38 Dex or Str.

~:Basic Ranged-Techniques:~

Name: Hamstring Shot
Rank: Rank 1
Description: Using mana to increase his/her marksmanship ability the wielder launches an arrow for the leg-tendon of the target
aiming to disrupt their ability to move.
DF-Effect: Deals damage equal to 2 dies below the current normal shot (1d10->1d6 and etc) damage and upon hit gives the target a -1 penalty to dodge-rolls for the next 2 rounds.

Name: Piercing Fire
Rank: Rank 1
Description: The wielder allows a slight amount of mana to coat the very edge of their ammo, from there going about to launch the missile at a greater efficiency interms of destructive potential.
DF-Effect: Adds DEX-Bonus to damage following the STR-Chart (max of +3 to damage)

Rank 2: Costs 4 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Power-Shot
Rank: Rank 2
Description: The wielder takes their time and effort to focus upon their missile, allowing a larger mass of mana to surge around and cover the surroundings of it's tip creating a greater mass of mana that in itself seems to serve to slow the missile down in terms of speed but vastly increase it's penetrative force and destructive power.
DF-Effect: Attack done at a -2 to attack-roll, unable to benefit from any form of passive-increases to the attack roll itself, upon  hit deals 2d6+DEX.

Rank 3: Costs 6 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Barbed Arrow
Rank: Rank 3
Description: Unleashes a barbed arrow that sticks into the flesh of the victim itself through various barbs that eject from the missile itself once it sticks into it's victim resulting in a missile that is rather hard to remove from the wound and as a result causes massive bleeding over time.
DF-Effect: Deals normal damage upon hitting, and causes the target to bleed for 2 points (ignoring DR) of health each round the following 1d2+1 rounds.

Rank 4: Costs 8 Mana Points to Use.

Name: Death by Wind
Rank: Rank 4:
Description: the wielder unleashes an arrow made of not actual physical material but invisible wind, resulting in an arrow that rakes forwards at a rate so quick and the simple point that the element of wind is not visible.
DF-Effect: Makes an undodgeable attack, upon hit deals 2d6+2+DEX points of damage.

Rank 5: Costs 10 Mana POints to Use.

Name: The Bull's Eye
Rank: Rank 5
Description: the Marksman takes his time to line up the perfect shot upon a select target, this shot is named after the ability to be able to stare into the eyes of a bull for several hours in utter calm, somewhat reflecting the nature of what it takes to line this all but perfect shot up.
DF-Effect: Spends 1 round focusing, on the wielders next turn they unleash a ranged attack at a specified target that upon hitting deals Rank+4d4+DEX.

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Current Ranged Techs
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