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 Current Defensive Spells:

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Current Defensive Spells: Empty
PostSubject: Current Defensive Spells:   Current Defensive Spells: Empty2011-02-13, 5:16 pm

Current Server Spells and Magic:
(: Does NOT include custom Magic and Spells.)

Magic and Spells fall into Ranks: Rank 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and forbidden. Each rank costs a different amount of Mana Points. To learn Magic and Spells, you simply roll Wis or Int, Cha pending if you have approval, adding nothing. If you meet or pass the DC, then you learn the Technique (Note: If you crit, then it counts as two passes.). Every time you fail you gain a tally mark, if you gain three tally marks, then you cannot try to learn THAT technique for another two days. The DC's to learning Magic and Spells and requirements are as follows:

Note: Only one spell may be learned per day. As a general rule all Rank 4 techs have a 1 round cooldown and all rank 5 techs have a 2 round cooldown and a penalty of -2 to rolls for one round after usage. This is per rank not per tech.


Rank 0: Has a DC of 10.
Rank 1-3: Multiply the Spells Rank Number by 2, and then add 10 to it.
Rank 4-5: Multiply the Spells Rank Number by 2, and then add 20 to it.
Forbidden: Has a DC of 35.


Rank 0: Level 1, Base 10 Wis or Int. (Cha if Permission is Given.)
Rank 1: Level 5, Base 14 Wis or Int, (Cha if Permission is Given.).
Rank 2: Level 10, Base 18 Wis or Int, (Cha if Permission is Given.).
Rank 3: Level 15, Base 22 Wis or Int, (Cha if Permission is Given.).
Rank 4: Level 25, Base 28 Wis or Int, (Cha if Permission is Given.).
Rank 5: Level 35, Base 34 Wis or Int, (Cha if Permission is Given.).
Forbidden: Level 40, Base 38 Wis or Int, (Cha if Permission is Given.).

NOTE: To master a Spell, the user must pass the DC 3/5 times. Each pass of the DC lower's the DC by 1 point.

Actual Spells and Magic:

[center]Rank 1: Costs 2 Mana Points to Use.

Rank 1
Name: Bands of Holding
(RP) As the caster makes a motion with a hand mana will swell up in small spheres around the target. These spheres will grow and stretch out into straps and turn to cloth straps and bind the targets arms behind them.
Dice Fight: If it hits, it prevents the ability to block, and attack with melee. 1 round duration. Highest stat to break.

Rank 2: Costs 4 Mana Points to Use.

Rank 2
Name: Greater Bands of Holding
(RP) A stronger version of Bands of Holding , With concentration and a gesture larger straps will be created from the mana spheres these straps are now made of leather when they materialize and bind both arms and legs.
Dice Fight: This technique binds a single target for a base duration of 2 rounds. Highest stat to break out.

Rank 3: Costs 6 Mana Points to use.

Rank 3
Name: Earth Shield-1 rd cooldown
(RP) Using both hands in an uplifting gesture this technique forms a large line of mana on the ground in front of the caster and summons a thick shield of earth from the ground to block opponents' attacks.
Dice Fight: Cast as a defensive action. This allows them to block using Casting stat against the attacks made during that one opponent's turn.

Rank 4: Costs 8 Mana Points to use.

Rank 4
Name: Stoneskin
(RP) A stronger version of Earth Shield. This technique calls up the earth from the ground around the caster but it breaks up into earthen spheres and orbit the caster the mana transforms the earth spheres its now in the form of small stone plates, this stone adheres to the caster like a second skin.
Dice fight: This absorbs the first 1d4+1 damage done to the caster each round. It lasts 3 rounds.

Rank 5: Costs 10 Mana Points to use.

Rank 5
Name: Ironskin
(RP) The strongest known version of Earth Shield this creates metal from the minerals in the earth and forums them into small plates, these plates orbit the caster and then adhere to the caster like a second skin.
Dice Fight: Cast outside the user's turn instead of energy negating/countering energy attack. It still requires the roll to successfully counter an attack. It completely blocks offensive techniques of level 4 and under. If used against a unique energy attack from powers, it can stop up to 3d4 + 2 + Int/Wis bonus from any incoming special attack. Lasts for 3 rounds, allowing free casting stat checks to counter techniques. If the unique attack exceeds the DR rolled this technique wears off instantly.

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Current Defensive Spells:
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