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 Human Ability: Human Power(!)

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PostSubject: Human Ability: Human Power(!)   Human Ability: Human Power(!) Empty2011-02-10, 9:08 pm

Human Power(!)

A unique ability possessed solely by humans (Similar to Unfounded Confidence that often leads to Tragic Death), in which a human man, or rarely woman, goes into a blind rage, and begins passionately attacking or yelling at a non-human being.

This ability tends to manifest in the presence of incredibly hot non-humans, perhaps as a defense mechanism. Often misinterpreted as racism, or prejudice, this trait is in actuality a defining factor in the survival of mankind as a whole. Since all sorts of god awful creatures see them as easy snacks, the human race has adopted instinctive defensive traits like this one in order to survive.

Many times, a non-human creature will attempt to mislead the poor human into having sexual relations, resulting either in death, or a halfbreed (thus tainting the purity of the human race.). In order to combat this, God willed this to be, so his favorite children would continue to thrive, safe from the taint of the other races.

How to tell if a human is under this effect:

The Human expresses a strong desire to have sex with another human of any gender.

The Human begins throwing ale mugs at non-humans and cursing loudly.

The Human shows symptoms of arousal and begins making suggestive advances, only to light a non-human on fire with a torch when
they least expect it.

The Human passes out.

The Human says he is under this effect, so you'd better not **** with his ****.

(Author's Note: As of writing this document, I am currently married to a beaver. In no way is personal bias expressed in this, it is in fact a completely unbiased document! Human Power!)

*Not long after the document was mass produced, the Author disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His current whereabouts are unknown, but the words "Humans suck, go Giants!" written in blood on his severed arm does not bode well.*
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Human Ability: Human Power(!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Human Ability: Human Power(!)   Human Ability: Human Power(!) Empty2011-04-12, 11:54 pm

I see what you did there Razz

Human Ability: Human Power(!) Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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Human Ability: Human Power(!)
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