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 Improved Power Guidelines/Specific Power-Ability limits?

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Improved Power Guidelines/Specific Power-Ability limits? Empty
PostSubject: Improved Power Guidelines/Specific Power-Ability limits?   Improved Power Guidelines/Specific Power-Ability limits? Empty2014-03-13, 5:42 pm

The below is more or less looking at specific DF-properties and setting rules upon them based off DF-Balance and RP-logic, the point with these is to make abilities make sense from an RP-perspective and with the small set rulings become more balanced when compared against eachother, so feel free to comment or post your views of any of the below? it's basicaly a suggestion/look at things from balance vs rp perspectives.


-Major Points that i believe would help/contribute to balancing stats from RP vs DF-balance perspectives.

  • Damage-Reduction - If someone essentialy avoids taking any damage whatsoever from an incoming attack since the DR reduces it to 0 i feel as if that should logicaly mean no secondary effects occurs as a result of hitting, you're avoiding the attack entirely in itself and from a RP-perspective that means it doesnt come in contact with your body because of there's something in the way.

  • Vampiric-Regeneration - I dont feel like i can truly justify the ability that they could deal 2 damage or even 0 damage but then heal shitloads, doesnt make sense from RP-perspective as they're feeding upon the lifeforce they take from their victim, and thus i suggest that the maximum ammount they can heal should be the total HP-damage the particular attack dealt towards your opponent.

  • Damage-Return - Should'nt be able to deflect more damage back to the attacker than what you yourself take, from a sheer point of balancing in my mind, that and it doesnt make alot of sense.

Improved Power Guidelines/Specific Power-Ability limits? Scarec10
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Improved Power Guidelines/Specific Power-Ability limits?
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