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 SCC Races

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PostSubject: SCC Races   SCC Races Empty2012-03-17, 4:16 pm

Beastmen and Birdmen

Name Beastman/Birdman
Starting Race: N/A, Beastman/Birdman from creation.
Cost/Requirements: DM approved SCC

Common Knowledge:
Beastmen are dangerous, fearsome warriors. Nomads are rumored to converse with the tribes of Beastmen. All else is generally unknown. Stories have been told of those gifted with flight among the Beast races, though nothing is actually known of them being anything but a mere rumor.

Players that wish to play a Beastmen:
These are a proud, good oriented, noble race. It is nigh impossible one would be evil or devious. Anyone wishing to play one of these must write up a bio for their character, and based on your characters fighting style a technique you will write up RP of learning. You can choose not to and then do it later on, but this is a free Rank 0-1 technique you can have.

Common Beliefs/Teachings/Traits of the races:
To all Beastmen, those that use a weapon other than their own body are weak. Such is the teaching to all of their kin, all members of the clans are taught how to fight. Shields and other protective wear are viewed as unneeded due to the hardened skin of each Beastmen. The Lionmen and Tigermen live in the jungle, surrounding the caves of the Wolfmen. They train and have a closely bred alliance, inter-breeding never happens.

To all Birdmen, combat is something they stray from. They usually will keep to themselves in their secretive mountainous home. Mainly knowledge keepers and philosophers, they tend to use magic and keep to the sky when fighting.

Each year there is a hosted festival where the clans meet in the jungles of the Lionmen and Tigermen, to celebrate the new year, learn of the happenings of the world around them, evaluate warriors through tournaments, and games for the little ones. Such as hide and seek for the little wolflings. Even “scavenger hunts” sending the little ones of each clan around the jungle during the day.

Age – Can live up to 1200 years old.
Height – Male 7 feet to 8 feet, female 6 feet to 7 feet.
Fur Color – Golden, Tan, Brown.
Eye Color – Any, most commonly their eye's are light-colors.

Age - Can live up to 900 years old.
Height - Male 8 feet while some females stand around 6 feet to 7 feet.
Fur Colors - Fur can range from many colors but most dominate are black or brown, rare cases would be golden brown.
Eye Color – Any.

Age - Can live up to 600 years old.
Height - Male 7 feet, female 6 feet to 6 foot 8 inches.
Fur Color - Wolves generally do not have the most colorful fur of their kin. Jet black, sleek gray mixed with white streaks, etc.
Eye Color – Any.

Hawkmen and Ravenmen
Age – Can live up to 1000.
Height – Male 5 feet to 6 feet, female 4 foot 6 to 10 inches.
Feather Color – Black, Light Brown, Blue, Red, Golden-Tinge.
Eye Color – Any, most commonly their eye's are light-colors.

The appearance of the race chosen is rarely a “furry”. It is a highly uncommon sight to see. Patches of fur in place of a hairy chest, or long strands of fur in place for hair are a common trait. Wings and tails are as well. They could have normal hair and fur/feathers along their arms or legs, even their back. Whiskers usually grow on the older one's of the Beastmen.


Beastmen and Birdmen have a partial morphing stage. Beastmen could have sharp nails normally that when the morphing stage is activated grow out into larger, sharper, claws. These are only an addition to the Beastmen/Birdmen animal trait. They receive their lvl 2 power at lvl 40 with heavy RP, training, and a hefty token cost. No word on a lvl 3 forbidden power as of now.


  • The claws of the Beastmen are razor sharp, being able to slice through skin and bone more so than normal Tigers themselves could.(+2 Slashing Damage)

  • The talons of the Hawkmen are sharper than most arrows or bolts, making it easier to pierce through most armors. (+2 Piercing Damage)


  • Being trained in the art of stealth and sprinting often during their training, the Wolfmen with the wolfish hind-like legs with paws for feet have an adept handle of movement. Making them more capable for stealthy tasks than normal Wolfmen.(+2 Move Silently, +1 Initiative)

  • Sticking to the sky most of the time, flying from one part of their mountainous home to another, the Birdmen hold a better handle on aerial ranged-combat.(+2 Attack Bonus when casting magic whilst flying)


  • When in their morphed state, the teeth of the Beastmen become sharper than when in their normal state.(+2 Piercing)

Level 2 Power


  • 60 Tokens

  • lvl 40 prior

  • A lot of RP training

What is special about this power?
Your character taps into their inner self to unleash a persona based on the character and his or her personality. Fur or feathers could grow out of the skin, a character with a strong fiery passion could have an essence of fire around them. Their energy could appear as fire around their body or around their claws, even be imbued into their fangs. Speed could be increased, bodies could become even more hardened.

What does this power entail?
Your character becomes a badass in a guaranteed epic event. Among your race, you are considered one of the elite.

Guidelines to the powers?

  • 1 innate, 4-5 actives.

  • Reflects your character and his or hers personality

  • ~Possibly a third~

Keep in mind, you may create a technique that can be used when in this form as a bonus active of sorts. Only your character could use it. Ever play Pokemon? Think of it as gaining a new move, without losing an old one.

Home and Building Structure
The homes vary, pending on the race itself. The Wolfmen live in caves, the Lionmen and Tigermen stick to the jungles/forest, Hawkmen and Ravenmen live in the mountains behind the jungles. They have villages spread out through the jungles and mountains, used as living quarters, storage, place of knowledge(mountains only, requiring permission of one's Clan leader to use.). Stone(Limestone) is what all building structures are made out of for the most part. Think along the lines of Greek architecture and Gothic architecture combined.

Each of the races have 3 Clans, which are still being worked on. In times of battle, things follow along the lines of:
Lionmen - Offensive Movements
Tigermen - Defensive Coordinators
Wolfmen - Scouting/Watchers
Hawkmen - Deliver Supplies, Relay Messages
Ravenmen - Magic/Spell Support

Each race does have one main leader - Currently, that bit of info is on my hosting comp's hard drive. I'll fill you in when needed, but for now it is not important.

Their culture for the most part is training, taking turns with chores, really laid back to be honest. Not as fast paced as that of city life, more of an even/mild tempo. Stories of past Beastmen using the powers of the Darkness to gain more strength were told during the 'summer solstice', a time of celebration among the Beastmen Clans. All of the races value honor and respect for one another, being openly friendly, warming and welcoming to all of their kin. The Nomads of Shinma travel from all around to partake in the events - Learning of the Beastmen, telling tales of "adventures" and such to the little one's, joining the scavenger hunts, singing and dancing along as the festival wears on.

They pride themselves showing no fear for what may come. Hiding who they are, as a whole, is not within them. There are no "Spiritual" leaders, as they worship no particular God or Goddess. They believe in solely the Weave as the source of life, doing what they can for both their kin and the other races of the world. The closest to a 'hunt leader' would be the leaders of the Wolfmen Clans. Any of the Beastmen race may be sought out for herbal remedies, as they are quite familiar with such. Some don't have much knowledge on herbal remedies, spending their time on other things such as training their combat skills and such.

Relationships are more so based around family and the Clan, spreading out to the other Clans and kin. They all work together in a harmony unseen in the lands of the other races on Shinma.

A Brief History
Their past history is built up of helping to fight off the Darkness that had originally arisen in the time of their ancestors. Alliances with other mortal races had been made; Only to be thought "broken" after the Beastmen races had returned to their homes before all had been said and done. The truth being: Word of remnants of the Darkness launching an attack on their homes had been brought to the army of the Beastmen, causing their early retreat.

Arriving to their home, the army had felt discomforted, at an unease. A roar thundered throughout the jungle, from near the shore to the south of the jungles. The leaders of each Clan of the Lionmen, Wolfmen, and the sole leader of the Ravenmen had lead their force to find bodies of dead Tigermen strewn about the jungle. Barely even recognizable, the scent of one of their kin could still be found - Along with a stench of something foul around the corpses. Eventually reaching where they had heard the roar protrude from, they found a mess of blood covered sand, the outer rim of the ocean had turned into a dark shade of crimson. A lone figure stood tall over one corpse, a dark glow about it's form. Glowing a deep purple all over it's body were runes, infused with both the creatures own life force and Darkness itself. They seemed to be giving the figure strength.

After a hard fought battle between the Clan Leaders and sole leader of the Ravenmen, the figure had been defeated. Losses had been taken; Two of the Lionmen Clan leaders had died in the battle. Soon after the victory, the darkness disappeared, fading slowly from the now dead enemies form to show the strongest member of the Tigermen Clans. Out of respect, his name is never spoken. Once a valiant warrior, his remains were but a shell of which had been consumed by the power of the Darkness. No reports could be gained of what had happened. After some time of being studied by the Ravenmen, information had been gathered on the event: A force of Darkness had arrived, and offered the warrior power to fight all who opposed him with. This being had taught to the Tigerman how to access it. Though powerful in the physical sense, his will was too weak to keep control of his own mind whilst using the power.

The lesson learned from the experience was of the reaches of Darkness. It may be powerful, but at the cost of losing all you love and all that you once cherished, it is not worth the chance of throwing your life or all others around you out. The power of honor and compassion was shown as all kin mourned the death's of those that had battled the Darkness. Honoring their dead with an oath taken by all upon reaching the end of the basic Beastmen and Birdmen training, to never use the powers of Darkness to strengthen themselves. To rise against all who oppose them with help from their loved one's, their companions. Compassion grew as all knew of the feeling of loss - Many hearts were aching, not one of the Beastmen nor Birdmen had been hurt in some way. They grew towards one another, growing stronger bonds, strengthening themselves with help from each other.

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The Vampire

Name: Vampire
Starting Race: Any
Cost/Requirements: DM approved starter SCC or DM approved ingame rp change, 2 month wait time.

Vampires are Ondode Beings created from the blood and Darkness of Lucifugo (Nilfheim) one of the Celestes that followed Ramflaus in his dark path against the great lords of Shinma, and for that he and his children were cursed to vague upon the land never die by mundane means and forced to feed upon the life force of others to survive.

Ramflaus taught Lucifugo a way to spread his curse to the creatures of the lesser races who were protected by the gods of light. This was done by spreading their tainted blood and corruption, destroying their spirit and spreading a small fraccion of their strength on the new vessel, creating a creature in his image and essence.

The gods were not pleased by the perversion and corruption of the innocent race. Cursing them to be hurt by the sunlight. The strongest fountain of light would burn their flesh and destroy their soul. However they still had the shroud of the night turning them into the most feared creatures and granting them the title of Children of the Night.

They walked the lands of Shinma for a long time before they founded their own society lead by Nilfheim himself. Keeping all his children with him, they create a wondrous city, Enouch, which is as advanced as any in the entire world. Under Nilfheim's order, he declared it law that no more children be made and no more humans were to be fed upon. Supposedly they obeyed and the city prospered for centuries.

They lived in relative peace until some of the children started to cross Nilfheim by seeking out new horizons and spread their hunting grounds, attacking and feeding on the lesser races including humans. These actions brought the attention of the race to the humans as they developed ways of protecting themselves from the Vampires, taking advantage of the weakness they hold due to the Curse, and even actively sought them out to kill them.

Nilfheim was so upset at the terror and destruction his children were bringing to the world that he disappeared. His children and grand-children sought him out, but being the progenitor of the entire race he was able to completely mask his presence from any of them. Left to fend for themselves, it wasnt long before the city was discovered by the humans who taking advantage of the daylight, amassed a large army to destroy Enouch and the race while most of the Vampires were killed a few survived and were scattered to the wind.

Its rumored that Nilfheim still walks the lands of Shinma alone and its believed by his children that one day he will return to them and lead his race into a new age of prosperity and dominance.

The Vampire
Vampires are rare and ancient creatures that lurk in the shadows corrupting and hunting mortals for their flesh and blood. While Human in appearance, they are completely undead, receiving all their characteristic with a few advantages and disadvantages listed below.

Vampire Strengths:
• They receive reduced effects from poison that affect the blood (3 dr/rd against poison dmg)
• Resistant to Aging effects (+5 to roll)
• Resistant to mental effects (+5 to roll)
• Vampires have unnatural regeneration. (2 hp regen per round)
• Vampires have strong mental powers of influence over mortals. +2 on all rolls involving mental domination or persuasion. (Cha rolls)

Vampire Weaknesses:
• Although ‘blessed’ with many powers exceeding those of normal beings, all vampires carry along a curse; They may never walk directly under the sun. When exposed to the great fountain of sun light Vampires who are still young are instantly vaporized. Only the strongest of the race can survive limited exposure to the Sun. Vampires under level 20 cant be in the sunlight at all or they will die.Vampires of the level 20-30 will suffer 10 points of damage non heal-able by natural means per round of exposure. Vampires that are level 30-35 will suffer 5 points of damage per round of exposure. Vampires that are level 35-40 will suffer 2 points of damage per round that is non healable by natural means per round of exposure. This damage cant be healed until they are removed from contact with the sun and needs double healing. Vampires who are high enough to not instantly die in the sun will still suffer from prolonged exposure. In the daylight they have -5 to all their rolls. Spend more than 5 RL minutes outside during the day will make you directly lose all your powers until you’ve rested in a dark place for at least one RL hour. Spend more than 10 minutes out in the sun and you’ll lose all of your mana. Spend 15 minutes out in the sun and you’re permanently dead. No saves, no consent, game over.
• Holy magic, and Normal healing spells hurt them instead of healing.
• Vampires don’t have Mana points, They are called Blood points, and only can be recovered by Feeding.
• A vampire that doesn’t feed receives -2 on all dice rolls for the day (cumulative per day)
• Vampires Can’t learn any other type of magic beyond blood powers.

Vampire Trees: Blood Power
Vampires have access to a unique set of skills that makes them different from other undead, there are called Blood powers, this power is split In several trees and ranks granting the vampire benefits, all starting vampire can chose one Tree, their main strength which they will gain for free as they progress. The remaining 2 trees must be paid for with tokens. Once a tree is picked it is permanent.

New power : 5 tokens
Rank 1: 5 tokens
Rank 2: 10 tokens
Rank 3: 15 tokens
Rank 4: 20 tokens
Rank 5: 25 Tokens

Tree Types:
Strengthen is the way the vampires learned to shape and use their blood to amplify their natural strength causing even more damage or increasing their strength did.

Rank 1: +1 To all damage rolls, -1 in all dc involving strength task.
Rank 2: +1 To all damage roll and attack roll, -2 in all dc involving strength task.
Rank 3: +2 To all damage roll and +1 attack roll, -3 in all dc involving strength task.
Rank 4: +2 To all damage roll and +2 attack roll, -4 in all dc involving strength task.
Rank 5: +3 To all damage roll and +3 attack roll , -5 in all dc involving strength task.

Celerity is a supernatural reflex and speed, a Vampire skilled in Celerity can move much more faster than the other creatures, legend says about Shadow demons that moves leaving only a blurr behind them, or even disappearing in their movement.

Rank 1: +1 to defensive rolls +1 to stealth rolls, +1 on escaping attempt rolls.
Rank 2: +1 to defensive rolls +2 to stealth rolls, +2 on escaping attempt rolls.
Rank 3: +2 to defensive rolls +3 to stealth rolls, +3 on escaping attempt rolls.
Rank 4: +2 to defensive rolls +4 to stealth rolls, +4 on escaping attempt rolls.
Rank 5: +3 to defensive rolls +5 to stealth rolls, +5 on escaping attempt rolls.

Fortification is the supernatural vampire Resistance, using the blood to strengthen and harden reducing the impact even reducing the sun effects on their essence.

Rank 1: 1 Dr per round stackable with other sources.
Rank 2: 2 Dr per round stackable with other sources.
Rank 3: 1 Dr per hit non-stackable with other sources.
Rank 4: 2 Dr per hit non-stackable with other sources.
Rank 5: 3 Dr per hit non-stackable with other sources.

The Vampires have a supernatural charm and presence some of them being able to seduce even plant suggestion on people with weak minds. Rumor says about ancient beings controlling and manipulating people at their own pleasure.

Rank 1: Paralyze gaze: The vampire can try subjugate the victim minds and paralyze their body making them a easy target to be feed from, however any hostile action towards the victim or what make their lose eye contact breaks the effect.
Act as a bind highest to break, Cha to cast, last until any of the conditions above happen. Resilience of 1.
Rank 2: Sugestion: The vampire can manipulate his victim emotions but do not can force them make anything against their true nature. Most like implement suggestion on their minds or give simple orders.
Cha vs Highest can change a minor course the victim action.
Example: Make someone give up using a higher tech during an attack. (changing a zantech into a normal attack and vice versa).
Rank 3: Confusion:
The vampire Evolve their dominion against their victim in a stage of messing with their mind, creating a mist blurring their judgement and curving their minds.
Cha vs Highest, for 1d4 rounds the victim is confused unable to think right or take the right decisions, Roll 1d6 for effects.
1-act normally
2- stay dazed and confused.
3- attack themselves
4-attack the nearest person
5- attack an ally
6- recover their senses breaking free from confusion.
Rank 4: Mass Paralyze:
The vampire can try subjugate a group of victim minds and paralyze their body making them a easy target to be feed from, however any hostile action towards the victim or what make their lose eye contact no longer breaks the effect, even through if the enemy get heavy damaged their wake from the trance.
Cha vs Highest, last for 3 rounds full body paralyze, resilience of eight.
Rank 5: Takeover:
The vampire reached a level in their dominion that their can literally plant suggestion and controls certain acts of their victim, causing great confusion and corruption, however it keeps great concentration to control the victim not being able to focus or multitask,
Cha vs Wis/int, if the victim fail there are subjected to act at the vampire whim for this round.

Some vampires have more evolved senses, being able to see, feel and improve instinctively the mystical flow. And their own animal senses being in contact with their hunter essence.
Rank 1: +1 Magic Attack roll +1 detection roll
Rank 2: +1 Magic Attack roll +2 detection roll
Rank 3: +2 Magic Attack roll +3 detection roll
Rank 4: +2 Magic Attack roll +4 detection roll
Rank 5: +3 Magic Attack roll +5 detection roll

• Feed.
All vampires needs to drain their victim essence in order to survive, it consist in the vampire using several methods to drain the victim blood, since his body is complete dead and ceased any function he used to be in his original form. Some vampires prefer seduce or attack their victims craving their long, point and sharp canines on their flesh, drawning the blood being in a seductive and hidden kiss or in a more animalist and horrid frenzy almost like the animal attacks. Their bite can cause a extreme sense of pleasure or pain upon their victim depending on the vampire nature, turning them more docile while their feed, or sastifying their sadistic nature.

DF: The vampire drains 1d10 points of HP on their attack, or can drain 3 per round (cap at 5 rounds) if used in a long embrace until the victim escape their embrace or someone attack them. This dmg is regained in healing by the Vampire. To resist is a test of highest vs highest, the victim have a penalty of 2 after each round after the first.

• Embrace
Embrace is the term used by the vampires to the act of creating a child of the night, the vampires first drain the victim dry, in the tenue line of life and death, then give a bit of their tainted blood causing the child body to die yet the curse keeps it soul alive in their body, awakening them as a child of the night and a cursed Vampire.

DF: None. Allows Vampire to turn Normal Humans into Vampire childe. Will be considered race change and must follow all rules for proper race change. (including DM approval)

The three PC clans:

- [Elijah]

Description: The ‘royal family’ of the vampire race, these are the ones who look the most like humans, with the only exception being their pale skin and crimson eyes. They have a liking for ordering other vampires and Ondode around rather than doing things themselves, and they’re good at what they do; It takes a strong will to resist promises of power or threats of pain from an Elijah. They often take very good care of their appearance, seeing vanity as a virtue rather than a sin, and no normal human could hope to attain the beauty of the average Elijah.


[Unnatural aura]

Elijah all have an aura that gently pushes one’s mind towards what they want; They can look more charming, more frightening, or like a direct manifestation of their victim’s desires. With a mere look, they could get a weak-willed human to literally go through a fire for them, or to let them believe they are capable of far more than they actually are. All Elijah have a +2 to their total CHA and +10 to persuade/intimidate/bluff/barter checks.


Being a sophisticated breed of vampire, the Elijah don't settle for anything less than the richest blood, namely, humanoid blood. An Elijah's physiology being adapted to consuming primarily humanoid blood, means that it is unable to consume the blood of other creatures without promptly regurgitating the blood up, however the Elijah do benefit more from human blood than the other vampire breeds.

Feeding on humanoids(Humans, elves, dwarves, etc) grants 48 RL hours of being 'fed'.
Attempting to feed on animals causes the Elijah to suffer 8 damage, that won't heal until they've fed on a humanoid, but provides a 4 RL hour period of being 'fed'.

- [Iolanthe]

Description: The reason why so many rumours and myths are told by the common folk about the vampires being capable of morphing into various shapes at a whim is because of the Iolanthe clan. They're the more beastial-type vampires, making them seem to experts like a morbid parody on the beastman. However, they still look like humans most of the time. Only when they wish does their form change into that of a 'beast'. Along with this, many of their abilities are based on a wicked version of supposedly innocent nature-based techniques. Most of their kin look rugged, making a hobo look like a true gentleman, preferring unkempt hair and loose clothes over the 'pointless' dressing-up of their other brethren.

OOC limitation: Vampires of the Iolanthe clan must have a power based around 'morphing' into a more wicked version, although this doesn't necessarily have to be your main power.


[Beastial instincts]

Iolanthe vampires are considered the true 'warriors' among the vampire clans, and not without reason. Of all the different vampires, those of the Iolanthe clan are more agile and powerful, with instincts unrivalled by any of the other clans. Because of this, all Iolanthe vampires have a +1 total STR and DEX, +1 to all physical rolls in combat and +10 to spot/search/listen checks because of their naturally enhanced senses. However, their beastial nature also limits their concentration, leaving most Iolanthe to be as quickly distracted as the common cat. As such, they take a -2 to all mental rolls in combat, along with a -5 to all concentration checks.


Being more bestial and savage in nature, the Iolanthe vampires are used to lesser quality blood, feeding more commonly on creatures of the wild, most primarily mammals. While the blood of these creatures is less satisfying, it is makes it much easier to feed. The Iolanthe vampires are experts at hunting and avoiding hunts, due to their superior stamina from a constant supply of blood in the surrounding wildlife. An Iolanthe vampire is capable of consuming humanoid blood, however their body isn't well adapted to the richness of the blood and consumption of too large-a quantity will cause the vampire to be sick. Consumed in lesser quantities, their bodies don't refine the blood as well as the Elijah do, so they require more frequent feeding.

Feeding on humanoids(Humans, elves, dwarves, etc) grants 12 RL hours of being 'fed'.
An Iolanthe vampire can 'overfeed' on a humanoid in order to be granted 24 RL hours of being 'fed'. However they become ill and for the first 12 hours, they suffer 6 Max HP reduction.
Feeding on wildlife(Primarily mammals; Bears, possums, cats, dogs, etc) grants 8 RL hours of being 'fed'.

- [Maundrell]

Description: The Maundrell could be considered the oddities among the various clans. They often live away from their brethren, of from society in it's entirety to only visit the regular village to suck up in blood. They are well-known as both genius and insane, rumoured to have more voices speaking to them in their head than there are people in the average city, with their speciality lying in mental manipulation of lesser beings, or even their own kin. They tend to dress up to whatever their fancy might be, regardless of the social standing or general appearance it might suggest, making them stand out even more among the general population.


[Mind's whispers]

Each and every Maundrell is blessed, or cursed, with a chorus of whispering voices in their head; They can be useful, telling one of a subconcious understanding that the Maundrell himself might not have even realised, but just as much can they be distracting by shouting the various conclusions or suggestions one might think of himself, even if it was already concluded to be utterly useless. As such, all Maundrell have a +2 to either INT or WIS, but take a -10 to all concentration checks. In battle, or when learning/creating a technique, they roll 1d4 (in battle at the top of the round), with the following bonuses or negatives:
1 - -2 to the learning/creation roll or -2 to all rolls in battle till the end of the round.
2 - -1 to the learning/creation roll or -1 to all rolls in battle till the end of the round.
3 - +1 to the learning/creation roll or +1 to all rolls in battle till the end of the round.
4 - +2 to the learning/creation roll or +2 to all rolls in battle till the end of the round.


Being more solitary, the Maundrell have learned to adapt between food sources, their bodies being able to cope with both humanoid blood and the blood of the wildlife. However, while able to feed from multiple lifeforms without any ill side effects, their bodies aren't so efficient at digesting the blood and so they benefit from feeding less than either the Iolanthe and Elijah.

Feeding on humanoids (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc) grants 8 RL hours of being 'fed'.
Feeding on wildlife(Primarily mammals; Bears, possums, cats, dogs, etc) grants 4 RL hours of being 'fed'

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~~ :: Dragon-Kids :: ~~

SCC Races Transformation_by_Leundra
(mode-morph in progress)

Race Information:

These races are very rare and the knowledge is not easily gain either, DO NOT metagame these races.

Dragon-Kids are also under the HARDCORE Rules and have high risk of being perma due to reckless behavior

Name: Dragon-Kids
Cost: DM Vote Permission, Or Co-Admin/Administrator Approval, and both Require High RP. 2 month waiting time and 30 tokens
Special: Rank 1 Power On-Creation.
Type: Ancient/Cursed/Blessed Race
God: God Gin'bo "Paraonia" Napishtim, the God of Chaos and creator of chaos dragons. (Dragon-Kids/Napishtim )
Godess: Goddess Melfian Luminiae, the Goddess of light and creator of good kindred dragons. (Dragon-Kids)
General Information: As the name says Dragon-Kids are cursed/blessed humans, elves, and ect do to divine intervention that are able to take minor dragon forms they do not age after a certain amount of years granting them immortal beings of the world. They look completely human each having their own appearances i.e. pointed ears and skin texture along the ears. Their most hated enemies are the Napishtim Shadow Dragons.

Character Power-Wise: The Characters powers don’t work like others do, their rank 1 Power is generally a Draconic Traits, that give a Physical Change, like horns, wings, fangs and claws, or a tail. The Characters Rank 2 Power However Changes them into a hybrid Draconic Form of their Specific Dragon Type, and Rank 3, or Forbidden Power Causes the Character to enter a Giant Dragon form, covered in elemental runes and glowing with magical energies of the Characters Choice Generally.
(Unlike Half-Dragons they are able to conceal their draconic appearances
they are not half-dragons put short, they however while using their powers gain
dragon-like traits&features of a dragon, value of dragon-like details varies depending
upon what level the power is of)

Effective Power Levels:
Creation power (LVL 2 Human (weak) Power) - permanently released untill release to above
Level 1 - (LVL 2 Strong Power)
Level 2 - (LVL 3 Strong Power)
Forbidden Power - League of its own (released, requires lvl 2 mode first)

Progression-Example (with Scorchys's smexy elf dragonkid):
Normal-Form (not using dragonkid power):
Level 1 Example:
Level 2 Example:

Race Information:

Each Race, When Turned into the Dragon kid from being blessed, or cursed, gain different special minor traits depending upon their former race or parent's race.(Dragon-Kids can also be born)
  • Elf Dragon Kid: The Elven Dragon Kids retain their high-senses, but it is enhanced even further thanks to their draconic blood flowing through them.
  • Human Dragon Kid: Human Dragon kids, instead of Enhancing their natural powers as a human, since that have none, allow them to be able to control their own ingenuity with far greater ease.
  • Draconic/Elf/Human Hybrid: Draconic Hybrid Dragon kids, already held incredible Draconic powers before becoming a dragon kid, when they become one, their powers are so enhanced that it can make their power literally rise to incredibly strong levels equal to an ancient or more.

-:Apparent Age Group:-

Dragon-Kids are immortal beings, they are cursed for living a eternal life. Some take up a long-term mates for their coming of age or some live on their own like a hermit.
  • Normal dragon-kid of human origin:16
  • Draconian and Draconic:17
  • Draconus Golden human/elf or human dragon-kid, and aqua:18-20.

The Draconic

Draconics are well behave and very respectful. Kings and Queens are he only kind that rule their kind none of the other races do. They are very cheery when doing festivals normally they have big feasts that lasts for a month. The age of draconic is seventeen and rather active around the time they reach thirteen. The Draconic rarely seek out mates or have any offspring, the population has fallen greatly because of this, they're different from their cousins the Draconus as they are the wild types producing more than the Draconic Constant wars have dwindled this race as called the Great War man and creature fight for power and dominance.

Dragon form

The Draconic usually have common red colored forms with blue or green strips along their body, green being the least and rare color along with brown, purple, and black.


Draconian are a strange race. Only A Draconic and a elf-dragon kid can produce these races. Draconians love a good fight always picking on a brother or a sister to practice their skill, they are very good with swords especially enchanted magic ones. Draconians are not much interested in finding mates, usually the birth of this race is devastating to both parent and child thus draconians are reluctant to have a family. A Draconian will eat anything but fruits distasting such as it messes with their digestive system. Wizards and sorcerers are trying to learn of these creatures they are very curious of the draconians normally enslaving them when they can.

Dragon Kid Types:

The Rarer the Draconic Type of the Dragon kid, the More RP and Harder it is to get the Character.

Normal Dragons:

- Aquatic: Blessed with the blood of a Blue, or Aquatic Dragons, the Aquatic Dragon Kids Are able to breath underwater, and are resistant to Poisons thanks to their natural blood of one of the Poison-User Dragons. They Are resistant to Poison/Venom's (+2 to roll), Gain a +2 to Rolls Resisting the Taint, and May RP Breathing Underwater and Air. (Unable to Gain a Forbidden Power without Severe RP.)

Rare Dragons:

- Golden: Blessed with the truly noble blood of a Metallic dragon, the Golden Dragon Children are the Nobles of this Noble Race, blessed with the Dragons Power, Wisdom, and Endurance. They are resistant to Disease and Poison/Venom (+3 to roll), Gain a +4 to Rolls Resisting the Taint.(Unable to Gain a Forbidden Power without Severe RP.)

- Draconis: The Dragon Children of this are blessed with the blood of an Old Metallic Dragon, they are filled with the same power of the Golden Dragon Kid, Except that they are able to manipulate magic and energy with far greater ease. They are resistant to Disease, and Poison/Venom (+3 to roll), Gain a +6 to Rolls Resisting the Taint. (Are Able to Gain a Forbidden power with Moderate RP.)

Super-Rare Dragons:

- Draconic: These are blessed with power equal to Two of the Golden Dragon kids, Easily. They are incredibly powerful and are blessed with the blood of a elder metallic dragon, the blood that runs through them granting them immunities to minor spells, thick skin, even incredible physical and magical powers. They are resistant to Disease, Poison/Venom gain (+5 to roll), Gain a +8 to Rolls Resisting the Taint. (They Gain a Forbidden power with Minor RP Fairly Easily.)

- Ancient Dragon Stonhumyity: This is the essence of Noble blood of the Dragon kid, they are truly the rarest, one being formed only every few thousand years, and are almost always taken in as the leader of the Dragon Kids. They are blessed with the blood of an Ancient Golden or Crystal Dragon, this blood is incredibly powerful, enough to make them have the power to manipulate magic, power, physical endurance, everything with supernatural ease and skill. They are resistant to Disease, and Poison/Venom (+5 to roll), Gain a +10 to Rolls Resisting the Taint. (Are Able to Gain a Forbidden Power As Soon as the DM Team Approved it.)

~~ :: History of the Dragon Kids :: ~~

The darkness swirled around the small town of Jishima, a small town just off from the Southern Country. The moon shined brightly down from the sky as the man walked down the road quiet as the night around him, a sword gleamed at his side, and a eye-patch covered on eye, he held a smirk on his face as he walked, the man slowly came to a house, larger than the rest and looked up calmly, before knocking on the door quietly. Moments passed and he waited patiently before finally the door was opened by a sleepy-eyed maid. "May I help you ..?" she yawned as she took in the man’s appearance, besides the blade and eye-patch, he wore a fairly tight-fitting black leather armor, a black silk cloak, his skin was a deathly pale, and his eye that was uncovered was a crimson, his black hair falling down his back in shining curls. He gave her a dashing smile, fangs flashing and she was somewhere between afraid for her life, and charmed to death. "Is the Young Master Grimijuald home?" He asked raising a thin eyebrow as he watched her expression carefully; he had called a 108 year old man young after all, even for a half-elf the old man was starting to look his age. She blinked before sheepishly nodding, "He is Sir, but he is asleep ... He needs his rest, I don’t see why he should be bothered ..." The man smirked and drew out a single vial of crimson red liquid. "I believe he will be interested in this to say the least. Please go awaken him, tell him Jin has come back with the potion he requested of him."

The maid frowned, but slowly nodded, opening the door, but he stood there waiting politely, she blinked and shrugged, "Well come in ... I have to go get the master." He smirked and nodded, coming inside without any further hesitation, and sitting on a couch crossing his legs and taking in the area calmly. The maid frowned again before going up to her master’s chambers, gently tapping on the door before opening it, to be face to face with her master his eyes wide. "What have you done ...? ... I can smell him ... He’s here ..." She blinked truly confused but seeing the terror in her mater's gaze, she looked at him in shock before trying to take him in her arms. "M-master, what is wrong ...?" He shook her off with strength unfitting the old man, he bore heavy muscles, and a strong frame, but his hair was beginning to bald, and his beard and hair had streaks of white and silver in the red and brown. He grabbed the old blade over the fireplace that he had sworn long ago he was done with and then he broke the leg off of the chair, grabbing the stake of wood before charging down the stairs, the maid was gone for some reason, he didn’t notice.

As he finally came down to the ground floor he came face to face with Jin, and he cursed, he knew he had smelled him. And then he saw what Jin was holding, the crimson vial, and in his other hand, was Maria, his daughters chin, she was shaking in utter fear as he traced designs along her jaw. She was seventeen, soon to turn eighteen, and the man chuckled softly, looking to Grimijuald as he forced his daughters mouth open, and tipped the vials contents into her mouth, chuckling happily as he forced her to swallow as Grimijuald's eyes grew wide, anger rushed through him as her eyes closed, and she toppled over. He howled, literally, in rage as his muscles bulged out, the rage he hadn’t felt for many years taking him over as his half-Dragonic blood began to take over and he charged aiming to behead the vampire wannabi with one strike, but Jin was mist he knew the danger of the old Half dragon and was determined to escape, his job was done after all. Grimijuald cried out in hatred and drew a run across the air, crying out "Fuuniko Draken!!" causing the image of dragons to wrap around the mist, oddly enough holding it down, and then he mist was solid in he form of Jin once again.

His eyes widened a bit, he knew nothing of this spell, how could that be..? He struggled to no avail as Grimijuald looked to his daughter, rage becoming despair, she was moving now, but it was unnatural twitching and shaking as the potion took effect, awakening her Draconic blood, he had forced her to drink golden dragon blood ... the monster had dared to harm such a magnificent beast, and then shoved its blood into his daughter. He griped the blade in anger and turned walking forward slowly as he raised the blade, and beheaded the man, he smirked up at him, and a disembodied head as he slowly became mist, a voice filled the air. "You should have used a spell old man ... now I will be alive and working in a few days ... and when I am, your daughter will be mine, I need a good Half Dragon bodyguard, maybe I'll even get a few hybrids of our bloods with our ... children." The mists cackled with laughter as the disgust spread across Grimijuald face he turned, and went to attend to his daughter as he picked her up, cursing Jin all the way, setting her into her bed, he knew he could only wait, a forced awakening of ancient blood never went well, hopefully she wouldn’t have any permanent damage.

Days passed, and on the third day she finally fell silent, whimpering softly as she slowly opened her eyes, revealing them now crimson, her father was asleep in a chair as she slowly stood up, pain washing through her, thirst driving her insane as she stumbled from the room and slumped down the stairs to the kitchen, and began to chug gallon after gallon of water. Eventually the thirst was quenched, and she looked around slowly, eyes bleary, then she jumped back in fear, there sat Jin watching her curiously for who knew how long, legs crossed politely as he fiddled with his sword hilt eying her, he snapped he never had a change, her mind was completely dominated as he hopped up, snuck a pastry from the counter and walked off, calling over his shoulder, "Come along dear, time for me to test a hypothesis." As they walked by the closet the smell of the corpse of the maid stuffed inside drifted out affecting nether of them as one was dominated, the other was in essence already dead, in a way., they walked from eh house, and disappeared into eh darkness. Soon Grimijuald awoke to a empty cold house, and looked around, immediately he jumped up running down eh stairs, as soon as he hit the landing he smelled the corpse, he didn’t need to open it he knew where the maid had disappeared too. He silently prayed for her, and then grabbed his blade running off, saying to himself he would bury her later when his daughter wasn’t in danger, and he was sorry. He ran ... straight into Jin's trap he has knowingly set, acid hit him directly in the face and down his throat, it took five minutes for him to die, the last thought being his daughters face before he passed into the void.

Later when Jin had taken his new experiment tester to his manor, he stroked her cheek tenderly, but his eyes were cold and hard as he motioned her inside. It was time to test the hypothesis, if he could get his gods approval and blessing ... he could impregnate her, and then beg his god to alter her children in the womb while he enhanced them as children ... they would kill her being born, however ... the end result would be incredible powerful, and he could dominate their minds from birth, have a superhuman Draconic bodyguards that he could raise himself. He chuckled, it was perfect. And so did he begin, he impregnated the girl, and then went and laid her upon the alter, placing the five human sacrifices around them, slaying each in turn as he murmured to his god, begging his assistance, begging his help promising him the chaos these children would bring. Nothing happened, no instead a blinding light ran through the alter striking him, sending him scattering into mist, the last thing he saw was a blacken figure kneeling over the girl, and then both disappearing leaving flames in the shape of a dragon as he slipped away ... he had died, again.

In truth, what had happened was that one god had interfered with another, something that a war of the gods could have claimed; however they settled the disputant hat is another story. Gin'bo himself had come to the girls assistance, he had removed the evil spells, and poured into her and the children his own power, eight months later, five children were born on the plain of Dragons, and these children he raised himself, they buried the mother and made her grave a great shrine for prayer to the gods, he made them their own small plane, and let them go, they were two hundred years old each, and already were powerful enough to fight a Demigod equally, they were then named, the Páistí na Cúig Eilimintí, The Children of the Five Elemental Dragons. Soon the five grew to hundreds of years, and their god was very pleased they had taken the plane and powers he had given them, and made them into a beautiful paradise, he then told them that if they found any worthy to live here, to rise and grow with them, as their own children and students, that he would bless them with the same power, however what type of dragon, he would decide what they were worthy of. And so was it created, so was it formed, the times passed and as they grew in numbers slowly but surely they became a holy light for all around them. Always battling against the dreaded Shadow Dragons, cursed by evil gods, Dragons who had fallen too far to be saved, and so they destroyed them before they could harm anyone else, now known as the Dragon Kids, they still are one of the most powerful races among the world.

~~ :: Dragon-Kid's Racial Techniques :: ~~

[Name]: Newid
[Rank]: 0 (RP technique)
Dragon-Kids have the innate ability to morph between their dragon forms, other than the Dragons having to learn ploymorph, Dragon-Kids are different than the other species and by a certain age they know how to shift through their Draconic appearances with little ease.

[DF-Effect]: N/A, simply allows you to shift between more draconic forms to elf/human-form at will.
While in human-form however all your associated dragon-like features, special attacks and abilities are disabled.

[Name]: Breath-Weapon - [2 round cooldown after use]
[Rank]: 1 (damage varies upon mana spent)
The Dragon Kid naturaly has the abilities to like their Dragon-Ancestors, channel a breathe of elemental energy to escape from their mouth, element and power of the inviduals dragon-breath usualy, greatly varies depending upon power, size and type.... some dragons forfeit their dragon-breath for other things such as poisonous bite, but the general majority has one, the dragon-breath itself unlike most magical abilities doesn't rely upon magical energies, it relies upon the users stamina and how long they can keep on breathing out, before loosing their breath.

The dragon-kid uses their mana to unleashes this attack and can potentially increase it to frightening levels of power if enough mana is put into the attack.

[DF-Effect]: Unblockable, highest stat to attack, can be used to negate with/be negated Deals: "+con/cha bonus dmg (following wis/int chart)+ half mana spent" Targetting: Self-Centered Melee Aoe or Line AOE

-:Elemental Variation/Picks:-
The Dragon-Kid may upon creation/being chosen select 2 elements, these 2 elements
will determine what you can use with special-techniques and the above dragon breath
you cannot pick total-oposite elements to each other meaning if you pick fire you cannot pick
water/ice at the same time.

Special: The dragon kids gets additional elemental choices varying upon rarity as per charts below, the dragon-kid can if DM-permission is given change elements however such usually requires RP-Reason as of why, the picked elements are the only one that can be used for breath-attack and elemental of choice-attacks and powers, the dragon-kids also gains additional elements as seen below varying upon rarity.

0 - Normal
1 additional element - Rare
2 additional element - Super-Rare

Legit -NORMAL- Element Choices:
(cannot have both holy and negative at the same time)

Special Variations - 10 Tokens

The dragon-kid may purchase special elements, to use with their dragon-breath these usually have a UNIQUE DF-effect related to the element, the effect are usually based upon what makes sense for said element to cause, purchasing one of these over-writes one of your already existing elements, this adds an additional effect to your current breath weapon if you use a special element, the effect you write up yourself and send to the Responsive Racial-DM for approval, below are examples, special elements cannot gain a bonus-damage against natural-weaknesses unless the widget states otherwise, DF-wise these usualy add a single effect to the specifically dragon-element picking another Element as its elemental-damage base damage, but with an additional DF-effect of lesser degree.

Short examples are: (power lvl example)
+2 dmg
+1 to hiting
+2 to negate damage and rolls
+making the target degen 1 hp for 1d4 rounds on hit
+making the attacks damage require double healing
-1 atk, def or dmg for 1d4 rounds after hitting or optionally -2 to the opponents next roll associated with the debuff Notice that the RP of the element has to make sense together with the DF and pathetic powerbuilding attempts will be smited.

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~~ :: Dámon-Khá :: ~~

Type: Subrace/Human Subspecies
Rarity: Uncommon - (minor special-character concept)
•DM-Permission to be played, 10 token cost.
Dámon-Khá or "foulbreed" in more known human-toungue is a sub-species of humans, with the blood diluted from the first man "The Naptishtim", while mostly human in appearance they usually have a rather sinister aura about them not much unlike their origin, they usually have strange-inhuman shaped pupils of strange colours that glows in the dark allowing them perfect darkvision, or a skin colour slightly out of the usual, these are generally much like anything different in human society shunned for their inhuman-perks, thus most of them generally degrade into animal-behaving creatures that are left out by their genetically mothers at birth into the woods to die because of intolerance, generally this leads to the Dámon-Khá dying but some survive becoming parts bands of lesser-races that are shunned by human society and naturally band together such as half-orcs, orcs,goblins, hobgoblins, gnolls kobolds or other pillage-type monster-races with limited intelligence, habbitable to the Dámon-Khá's place of generally because of being shunned by society these children of fate has a tendency of being used by more or less practically abused by anyone that allows them near them and actually accepts them like they are, they have a reputation for being thieves or users of foul magic thanks to their heritage and abnormal features, in those of the more common-races, at rare cases these human-subspecies can posses horns or at time a tail.

Some of the Dámon-Khá learns to tap into their heritage
to become more like their origin and through that gain access to powers considered unnatural.

Sub-Race-Perks: May RP perfect darkvision, and by RP-standards may get parts of their personal-power considered to more or less be unatural such as regeneration, or regrowing of lost limbs, this is not an increase in actual-power but a way to gain permission to regeneration or inhuman-type abilities, they also gain a +2 to Dexterity but it comes with a -2 to Wisdrom

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~~ :: Amán-edán :: ~~

Type: Subrace/Human Subspecies
Rarity: Uncommon - (minor special-character concept)
•DM-Permission to be played, 10 tokens.
Amán-edán or "Skyborn" in the common-human tongue carry the blood of a celestial, the begotten offspring from the union of a mortal and a Celestial. Amán-edáns are usually good aligned and fight against evil in the world. They typically have fair skin, golden or clear skyblue slightly glowing eyes, and often a birthmark in the shape of the deity's holy symbol, as an opposite to the Dámon-Khá these childs are considered holy,sacred and are at times treated like gods by their hometowns or birthspots, they are ultimately seen as a great-goodness in towns and their very-birth spreads rumors going around in superstitions lesser-races that a new god has been born, from birth they are usually hunted or claimed by various churches or sects that will attempt to claim the "holy" child for their own cause, through this they usually end up as priests,clerics or monks, they posses a natural inhabited way to use "the light" to some aspect.

Naturaly posesses the ability to make light radiate
out from their person lighting the nearby environment up, and may freely select Monk if they so wish, they are also
automatically given the "Light" Element as an elemental affinity (which allows them to empower certain techniques or abilities with holy/divine/light type damage), they also gain a +2 to WIS but
it comes at a penalty of -2 to CON
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