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 Strong Races

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PostSubject: Strong Races   Strong Races Empty2011-02-07, 5:57 pm

Strong races of Shinma are what we call 'Hardcore Characters'. They have a higher likely hood of being perma'd due to reckless actions, or pure stupidity. Having one of these characters requires a high degree of maturity and understanding of the server rules. Making the right decisions while playing one of these characters is very important. If you are wondering what may be appropriate for your character to do, then contact that races Head DM and he or she will let you know the answer.

Hardcore Character Guidelines

- Hardcore Character never start off at any level higher than 1, unless they are playing a plot character(Who will die after the Team has finished the plot they were made for). They may only gain level's via Roleplay Tokens.
- Hardcore Characters are given starting gear appropriate to their factions. They are not to switch to another faction and keep both, they lose their previous faction gear.
- Hardcore Characters cannot act in ways that disrupts the role play of others. This includes PvP encounters, unless IC reasons force them to, and some DM's not wishing one of these to join their event.

How to gain one:

- Be an active player on the server.
- Present a concept to a DM you know would be interested.
- Discuss circumstances, put up the application.
- Admin team will respond and accept or decline with reasoning.
- Follow the rules. Any past strikes you may have
will be taken into account.
- Do not ask for one when you have
just started playing or within your first three month's of playing. Your chances become less likely of receiving one.

If anyone believes a Hardcore Character is being misplayed or abused, give to the Shinma Team evidence: Screenshots, gather people with complaints on the character to send a message with their own point of view to any of the Shinma Team. We ask that you compile your information before hand, gathering it and putting it all together so you are ready with substantial/reasonable evidence. The situation will be looked over and the accused player questioned. Punishment will be given accordingly.
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Strong Races
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