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 Applications: Races

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Kallis Team

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Applications: Races Empty
PostSubject: Applications: Races   Applications: Races Empty2008-07-30, 4:45 pm

There is a range of various races and subraces that players are required to file an application for before being allowed to play them. To apply for a custom race/subrace, you should create a thread on this forum with your application within it.

A DM will post on your thread to inform you if the application is being considered, and will post if it has been approved or not approved (and then it will be moved to Archived Applications). Likewise the DM will post about what should be improved on your application to make it approvable.

Please take a look at our available races, and get a check out what you will need to apply for here.

Please use the following format, in a new thread, or something similar, when applying for an application only race.

Quote :
Account name : (The bioware account name you use to log on the server)

Race Applying For : (The race/subrace you are applying to be allowed to play)

Why You're Applying : (The reason you are applying to play this race, probably this would be a good place to include the knowledge you have of this race)

Character Concept : (Some information on the character you intend to play with this race)

NOTE : Once the race has been approved, a DM will see to setting up your character.
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Applications: Races Empty
PostSubject: Re: Applications: Races   Applications: Races Empty2009-03-31, 10:28 am

Since the mod is getting updated i will be reworking on special races or factions. That people must prove their RP abilities to acquire rare things.
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Applications: Races
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