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 DM Applications

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le Pill0w of Fate tart~

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PostSubject: DM Applications   2011-02-04, 11:32 am

So you want to be a helper! Then you better have the ballz to commit to itz! If you get a special rank it's better off if you spend time committed to one of them. DM Code of Conduct will be posted soonish.

NWN Account Name:
Desired DM Name:
Position Applying for:

Roleplay Experience:
DMing Experience:
Toolset Experience:
Any other experience you think may be relevant:

Why you want the role:
Why you think you deserve it:

Time you could commit to DMing:
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Soul Saint
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PostSubject: Re: DM Applications   2011-10-04, 9:55 am

*Bump - This be needing a sticky*

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
- Soul
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PostSubject: Re: DM Applications   2011-10-04, 10:49 am

So want you to be a helper?
Yus i doooo~~

NWN Account Name:Lucyfer_15
Desired DM Name: DM Myuh~
Position Applying for: someone bitch, secretary, helper, Dm in training,, RP DM

Roleplay Experience: 6 years with vampire the masquerade, 3 of those dming, 5 years with Dungeons and Dragons, 4 of those DMing. 3 years being a player of nwnness
DMing Experience: said above
Toolset Experience: very basical, unfortunately, creation of itens and such only, but up to learn if someone up to teach

Who support this insanity say's AYE~~
Any other experience you think may be relevant: mmm.... nu.

Why you want the role: makes things more fun, for more peepz?
Why you think you deserve it: someone has to start somewhere? not anyone deserves a chance?

Timezone: GTM+3 (brazilia time)
Time you could commit to DMing: lots technically. 12pm-18pm and other times late in the night,
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PostSubject: Re: DM Applications   2011-10-09, 7:30 pm

NWN Account Name: Filipse
Desired DM Name: DM-Exodious
Position Applying for: Forum/Delivery-Slave/Race-Abilitymakingshizz/Quality
Ensurance/Scorchy's Bitch?

Roleplay Experience: .... Do i have to go over this list...
Zombie-Survival - Shadows of Siranda (lvl 1-4)
Classic Nordock
Some Underdark Drow vs Surface server (real drow language related)
DMing Experience: Been DM here before.. and used to be on
the old Nordock at a time as an helpermonkey.
Toolset Experience: Enough to make items, simpler scripts
great at decorating areas or the likes.
Any other experience you think may be relevant:

Why you want the role:
Mostly related to service.. and general quality of the server.. i want to help the
server progress as a whole, even if my experience is somewhat limited i usualy
try to contribute as good as i can.. even though its not always apreciated.. <<
If people gets bugged i'll assist that part too. and i can make VFX-widgets
for inviduals.
Why you think you deserve it:
Deserve it?..... its nothing that will be used for my personal-gains... to begin
with aside from the flow of RP the server will provide if we do it right.

Timezone: +2 Central-Europeish
Time you could commit to DMing: Depends
on what you count as DM'ing.. as more or less i'd look things over and
write racial abilities... or well do maths as good as i can even though i'd rather
leave that to the rest of the team.


Laura - Self-Proclaimed Substitute, Leyline Guardian
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PostSubject: Re: DM Applications   2013-01-04, 4:03 pm

NWN Account Name: demon_macdugan
Desired DM Name: DM Demon
Position Applying for: RP DM/Race DM

Roleplay Experience: I've been RPing on NWN for 4-5 years now. I've also LARPed before I even knew what LARPing was.
DMing Experience: I have DMed on a Action server awhile ago, based in the world of Camelot. I have also DMed on the Bleach Revival server for a couple months before I had to step down for school.
Toolset Experience: I know how to create items, and bring them in game. I know how to create areas. I have very little scripting experience, but I am willing to learn.
Any other experience you think may be relevant: I've also done forum RP on a forum based game called where most of the RPs each post you need to have atleast 5 lines of text or you got into trouble.

Why you want the role: I wish to help make Shinma a place where people will want to come back to, and to continue RPing here. Shinma is a reat place, with alot of people I love RPing with. It is a place that has the potential to be great, and I wish to help the best I can to make that possibe.
Why you think you deserve it: I think this is a trick question. It is not up for me to decide if I deserve this position or not. You almost got me there.

Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Time you could commit to DMing: I could offer 5 hours of DM-time a day.
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PostSubject: Re: DM Applications   

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DM Applications
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