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 About Requests/Applications

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PostSubject: About Requests/Applications   About Requests/Applications Empty2012-04-11, 10:44 pm

This is in general for everyone - Serving as a reminder and notice for those unaware to somethings.

You need to show you are capable of following the rules of the server and the forum, and show competent RP'ing. Those are and have been requirements. Sending in any requests should be done so after you evaluate how you act both IC and OOC. Asking others for their opinions of you(Flat out, honest opinions) won't hurt. You can even ask a member of the staff. In order to gain a race/class or position on the team, we need to be sure we an trust whoever applies for such things is able to meet the responsibilities that come with what they're looking to have. In the cases of both races and classes, we need to be sure you can RP at a certain level and not abuse them. For being a DM or anything else on the team, we need to be sure you can RP to a degree and will not abuse the power and privileges you would get.

If you send in a request for a race, class or position on the Shinma staff after just joined - You will be instantly denied due to having just joined. Refrain from doing such things as we do remember them.

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
- Soul
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About Requests/Applications
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