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 Requests: LETO

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Requests: LETO Empty
PostSubject: Requests: LETO   Requests: LETO Empty2008-07-30, 4:48 pm

LETO requests can be done free of charge, however, do not expect them to be done immediately, these things can take time (usually dependent on the Admin's schedule). A DM will post in your request thread if the request is underway, or complete (it will also be moved to the Completed Requests forum). You will be told to log off the server during a LETO, if you are online.

When making a LETO request, please make a new thread for the request, using this format, or something similar.

Quote :
Account : (The bioware account you use to log in the server)

Character(s) : (The character(s), the request pertains to)

Request(s) : (In your request specify what you would like to see done, which can range from a simple deletion to a change in the name/examine/portrait/voiceset/ etc. Or a change in the color of your hair/skin/tattoos. Most importantly in your request, be specific!)

NOTE : All head/wing changes can be done IG, by just informing a DM. However, you must have a valid IC reason for the change, which may mean sending in an application for the change first (dependent on IC circumstances).
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Requests: LETO
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