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 Contact Information

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Soul Saint
Personal Sexy assistance

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PostSubject: Contact Information   2011-04-01, 8:38 am

Though everyone has the options in their profile to fill out, no one really ever checks the profiles. This is just to let people know how to contact each other. If you have a cell phone, please keep your number off of here. Send it to others via tell or PM's if you want to share such with them.

(Though the contact information on your profile is at the bottom of each post, not many, if any, tend to pay much attention to it.)

Skype: michael.james.duross (<- Subject to change, rarely do use it though.)

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
- Soul

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PostSubject: Re: Contact Information   2011-04-01, 3:30 pm

Skype: Feroxinis
Xfire: Beedevil

For Skype and Xfire, if you can't find me (or if I am so stupid as to post the wrong name) you can also find me with my name, Brandon de Bruijn. Brandon my given name and 'de Bruijn' my family name.
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PostSubject: Re: Contact Information   2011-04-01, 4:05 pm

Skype: sherincal92
X-Fire: Filipse


Laura - Self-Proclaimed Substitute, Leyline Guardian
Nerudi Sanguine - Hill-Halfling, Theif of Legend! (or atleast wants to be)
Skype: Sherincal92
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PostSubject: Re: Contact Information   2011-06-20, 9:13 pm

Skype: talwin1988

Undecided (Main)
Call me Tal
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PostSubject: Re: Contact Information   

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Contact Information
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