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PostSubject: Slot Information:   Slot Information: Empty2011-02-16, 3:52 pm

Character Availability Slots:

Each Character has Three Slot's:

- Racial Slot [Cannot be Custom]
- Special Slot One [Can be Custom]
- Special Slot Two [Can be Custom]

Slot Information:

- Racial Slot: This is obvious, your Character's Racial Slot on-Creation, this can be with DM Team Approval Acquired Later in Character Development, however they cannot be custom Base Races.
- Special Slots One and Two: These Slots are used for Racial Upgrades to make your character more unique, such as taints, or custom things you yourself personally design and send into the DM Team. One of These Slots can Also be Held by a Guild Instead of Ether of the Above Options.
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Slot Information:
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