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 Design a Monster

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PostSubject: Design a Monster   Design a Monster Empty2011-02-12, 4:06 pm

Here i would like the player's view on what kind of monsters we could add in this setting. Good descriptions make them more unique Razz

Name of creature:
Level of monster:
What type:Beast/dragon/Ondode/ect
Powers:Does it have any unique powers?(for DF /or pvp effects)
What does it look like: Description and such
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PostSubject: Re: Design a Monster   Design a Monster Empty2011-02-13, 7:28 am

Name of creature: Dream Vestige
Level of monster: Very Strong
What type:Ondode
Powers: A dream vestige begins by gathering hundreds of nightmares, combining them, and infusing them with the energies of undeath. It grows by devouring any being possessed of a mind. It can pass back and forth between the physical realm and some sort of demiplane of dreams.

It burns with an insatiable hunger and snatches up living beings with tentacle protruding from its mass, dissolving them into nothingness. Only mindless undead beings such as zombies, skeletons, and golems can endure its touch.

What does it look like: A dream vestige is an intangible entity, more like a huge mass of fog with anguished faces appearing in it, stretching, twisting, and dissolving back into the vapor. It is accompanied by a chorus of faint voices, some moaning, some gibbering, and others laughing. The souls that make up the cloud are in constant torment, trapped in a nightmare, and they hate one another even more than they hate the world.

This is something that appeared in the book series The Haunted Lands, and here is a link to the wiki about it :
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PostSubject: Re: Design a Monster   Design a Monster Empty2011-02-13, 11:19 am

^Found also in Liberis Mortis (DnD Book)
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PostSubject: Re: Design a Monster   Design a Monster Empty2011-02-15, 4:09 pm

Name of creature: Swarmling
Level of monster: 3
What type: Arachnoid (spider)
Powers: Automaticaly wins initiative.
What does it look like:
A small spider-like creature that never is seen on its own.... as one comes its usualy followed by a huge
swarm of them to lay waste to anything that comes in their path through sheer numbers,
these little spiders eats absolutely everything and can consume an adult man in a minute, these little bastards
are huge in numbers and are known to at times wipe out entire villages as they swarm fourth consuming everything
in their path.

Design a Monster Scarec10
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PostSubject: Re: Design a Monster   Design a Monster Empty

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Design a Monster
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