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 Monster Hunting season

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le Pill0w of Fate tart~

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PostSubject: Monster Hunting season   2011-02-25, 8:03 am

Throughout Tohoku many gathered hunters come about talking to the local Elder of the Village. Soon after posters are put up for the coming season of monster hunting! Various rewards will be handed out though all monsters will soon be ranked..the tougher they are the more the reward-Coming soon to a happy hunting!
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PostSubject: Re: Monster Hunting season   2011-04-04, 1:06 pm

// Ish this Still a go for RP? o.o Cuss Kiro will -SO- Do this ... >.> :Drags in a Minatour Head: ... "WHERE'S MAH WISKEY?!" xP
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Monster Hunting season
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