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 El-Deformatum (The Disfigured)

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PostSubject: El-Deformatum (The Disfigured)   El-Deformatum (The Disfigured) Empty2013-09-11, 9:33 pm

El-deformatum (The Disfigured)

Classification: SCC Race
Starting Race: Any
Difficulty: Hardcore

DM Approval
Token Cost: 20
Demonstration of good roleplay ability

El-Deformatum are in essence 'Cannibals'. They begin as your normal run of the mill  Human, Elf, Dwarf etc, but these individuals that become the disfigured turn themselves on to a new path where they thrive on the death of others. Most often times El-Deformatum are created through something happening in their lives to cause them to lose their sanity, most others lose their sanity as they become El-Deformatum, and some few remain sane, fueled on by their own sadistic nature.
El-Deformatum begin turning by consuming the flesh of elves, dwarves, humans, etc. At first their bodies usually try to reject the sustenance, but as they continue to consume the flesh of humanoids, their bodies begin to adapt and change. Sometimes these changes can include minor physical mutations of the body, but most happens within the digestive system itself.
After an extended period of time of consuming the flesh of others, their bodies begin to become more and more reliant on this sustenance. An El-Deformatum is created when the individual is entirely reliant on the flesh of others to sustain themselves, and normal food and drink doesn't seem to sate their hunger.

An El-Deformatum is partially superhuman. By consuming the flesh of ordinary humanoids, an El-Deformatum's body becomes slightly stronger than normal. Red marks often mark their flesh from the high concentration of protein in their body, and even an El-Deformatum with a light build can offer surprising resistance through the strength they obtain from others.
However due to their diet and lacking the ability to process many of the vitamins usually necessary to keep their body's healthy. As such, many El-Deformatum suffer from sicknesses quite frequently.

Due to their nature, El-Deformatum are despised and hunted as vehemently as Vampires, and are forced to keep their natures as secret as possible, or face dire consequences.

+2 Str
-2 Con
Must consume the flesh of sentient beings to survive(Normal food doesn't nourish them)
Suffers from sickness Frequently

Additional Bonuses

An El-Deformatum can gain additional advantages by adapting their body to become used to consuming the vital organs of a victim. Certain vital organs provide certain benefits. An El-Deformatum can only obtain the benefits of one vital organ at a time, but they are able to adjust their body's to change preference over time.
To change from one preference to another and gain the benefits, an El-Deformatum must go through a week of suffering, they lose the benefit of the organ they'd had previous preference of, and suffer an additional -2 to constitution for the week. They gain the benefit of the new organ after the 7 days, the process effectively putting them in a severely weakened state for the whole week. Additionally, they must consume the new organ at least once a day for the entire 7 days in order for their body to adapt properly.

Vital Organs and Benefits:

+2 Intelligence

+2 Strength

+2 Dexterity

Recieve extra benefit from consuming the flesh of Superhumans

+2 Charisma

Better ability to digest flesh+blood.
Removes Con Negative
Immunity to Disease/Sickness.

+2 Wisdom

Superhuman Benefits:

While El-Deformatum recieve nourishment and a small portion of strength from normal sentient beings. They can also recieve much larger benefits from a rarer source of nourishment. When they consume the flesh of a 'superhuman' creature, they obtain additional special benefits for a short time.

Tougher Skin: 3 DR/round

Minor Regen: 2 HP/round

+2 Strength

+2 Dexterity

Level 2 Evolution:

level 35+
30 Tokens
Excellent RP ability
RP requirements must be met (eg, appropriate supply of Superhuman flesh to consume)

If the consumption of this type of flesh is consistent enough, an El-Deformatum may evolve to another level entirely, becoming much more powerful, their evolution will depend on the type of flesh that they consume. However as a result, normal flesh will not satisfy their hunger any longer, and they must feed consistently on 'Superhumans' in order to survive.

Breathe Weapon Ability(Fire, Gas, Ice etc) (Free Breath Power)
Scale armoured flesh: 6 DR/round

Major Regeneration: 4 Hp/round
+2 Strength

Beast Claws: +Damage
Speed: +1
+1 Attack bonus (due to speed increase)
+2 Strength

Bird Wings: Flight
Speed: +1
+2 Initiative (due to speed increase and flight)
+2 Dexterity

Special Regeneration: Regrow Lost Limbs
Normal Regeneration: 3 HP/round
On loss of a limb, the El-Deformatum recovers 6 HP that round, instead of the usual 3, and regrows their limb.
+2 Dexterity

+2 Charisma
+2 Wisdom OR Intelligence
Angel Wings: Flight
+1 Initiative from Flight

~Bunneh albino

El-Deformatum (The Disfigured) ORPk8zr


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El-Deformatum (The Disfigured)
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