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 Scorchy's NPC trainers

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PostSubject: Scorchy's NPC trainers   2013-01-03, 8:56 pm

They'll be around Saturday and Sunday. Sadly only doing spells for now.
Xander and his sister will lounge around Tohoku around those days, expect chaos.
Scorchys wrote:
NPC infoz:

Sandria the other twin "devil" girl, she is cunning, cheerful, and smart...for a cha user. She is a much control girl than her brother or maybe a bit ditzy. The two were literately reincarnated from old war devils forced to relive their lives as purer magical humans. Both parents were killed, the father died trying to hide his pregnant wife and the mother died shortly after their births. The two babes were then taken from the government, but since they were too young to out right kill under circumstances, they were to be raised at a hospital and better watched over by caring nurses. Sandria clung to her brother to do everything for her while they were young, it took her a little longer to control her emotional powers and was coddled constantly by Xander. With all the mana storage in her body, these are brought under force and bending the earth's way to her, she can make bigger explosions from fire balls like her brother and can teleport to a distance any further and it just exhausts her more.

Base stats:
Str 10 stat
dex:10 stat
con:10 stat
int:17 stat
wis:13 stat
cha:50/20 mod

Her sin:Pride

Other info:N/A for now

Xander is the more hot blooded and a sissy boy, he uses his anger to fuel magic sometimes appearing hot blazing fire maximized to an extent. As the two were taken under care he got tired of being watched by beings who wanted them to be dead anyway, as he got older he forced the wills of magic to his own and burned down the hospital grabbing his sister and leaving Wynaira behind.

For another few years they were hunted down, luckily they came upon the Tower of Grandia to live under till they managed to understand its True Draconic language, there they would become the Tower's musicians. It's unsure what he thinks of his twin since he likes charming women and being the aggressor in the situation..or there's more to than that to become a taboo in some areas. The only off set from his sister is that he has red eyes, these eyes being rather dashing also hold malice in them. Same as being like his sister, they all know the magical spells except forbidden tier as they focus on songs and "seducing" the earth to bend to their will like most sorcerers..just with more personality anger.

Base stats
Str 25 stat
dex:10 stat
con:10 stat
int:13 stat
wis:13 stat
cha:50/20 mod

His sin:Lust, narcissism, murder

Other info:N/A for now

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Scorchy's NPC trainers
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