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 Language Rules

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[Languages may be learned once you have reached a certain amount of Intelligence. If you start off with 12 Intelligence, you may have a language on creation from the common races. Contact a DM for it if a widget is needed, of course. Languages may be learned as follows:]

Stat - Languages you may learn
12 - Common,Pletora languages, Gisildaigaon(Nordic languages)
18 - Thieves' Cant, Orc, Goblin,) Sign Language
24 - Sylvan, Animal
30 - Celestial, Draconic
34 - Abyssal, Infernal
36 - True Draconic
38 - Napishtim

[Only 1 language may be chosen to learn when you have reached the required Stat. You may choose languages from lower Intelligence Stats as you have met the requirement. You must get a teacher IC in order to learn the language. Once you max out your Intelligence Stat, you are only able to learn 7 Languages at most.]

Learning languages:
Language learning system is based around findng a teacher that can be found throught out the world. You can learn new languages by finding their phrasebooks/or other players may teach. With a phrasebook in your inventory, if you RP learning a language with native speakers, you will gradually over time learn to both understand and speak it. Please note: this is not a quick process.

This means that character needs at least 12 intelligence to learn a language, anyone with an intelligence of 6 isn't going to be able to do it. Everyone can have Pletora, and 1 racial language if applied.

Must have a teacher
DM or Screenshots must be logged
Without gear stats

1st day: DC: 10 straight roll 5d20 - Knows and have comprehension of the basic words.
2nd day: DC: 11 Straight roll 5d20 - Knows and have a better understanding, can identify key words in scribble, still strumble searching the proper words in a conversation.
3rd day: DC: 12 Straight roll 5d20 - Can understand a conversation where people speak slowly and not use difficult words, and can read a abc book without help.
4th day: DC: 13 Straight roll 5d20 - Can understand and participate of a conversation between a group of people, can read recipe books.
5th day: DC: 14 Straight roll 5d20 - Can understand, read, talk, scribble on the learned tongue without having to tthink too much, the words come to you as your mother tongue.
6th day: DC 15 Straight Roll 5d20- Special: Can understand old symbols, versions sounds and even pronounce words on this language even if it got long lost with time.

Supernatural Languages

Napishtim:-Napishtim: Needs True Draconic, infernal, (optional) Celestial, and Abyssal

The old language from the first tainted man,the Napishtim (extremely intelligent, but tainted mortals)The Napishtim. line as basically everyone pretty much have has a Celestia/demon lineage due to the creation through Ramfiaus. It is one of the more powerful languages and is step higher than True Draconic.

Made by the Chalice and an angel's blood, the First man in terms refers to the first generation of man (once) being angelic beings controlled by the fallen angel, Ramfiaus. All human, elves, smallfolk stem off from these. Man being first(and sub humans by Nar'zurrlia degraded terms) , elves being the second man, smallfolk third man-ect.

A mix of futuristic language,Romanian/ Russian/french/Japanese hybrid equivalent-a far advance language made of gibberish.. This language branch is from the Draconic script.

is the language of the ancient, early generation dragons. . According to the {Great Wyrms}, it is second only to the languages of the outsiders, and all mortal tongues are descended from it. Its script was likely created long after its spoken form was standardized, as dragons have less need to write than other races. Some scholars believe Draconic script might have been influenced by dwarven runes, but the wise donít express this opinion within hearing of a dragon."

Draconic sounds harsh to most other creatures and includes numerous hard consonants and sibilants. It includes sounds that humans generally describe as hissing (sj, ss, and sv) as well as a noise that sounds a great deal like a beast clearing its throat (ach).
True Draconic, as spoken by ancient, early generation dragons, is a language that very few have mastered. Even not all dragons know the true Draconic language. The first reason is that there are not that many ancient dragons left to find in the world: some were killed by brave knights, others by their own kin. The second reason is that ancient dragons rarely (if at all) have a reason, or the patience, to learn anyone their language.
Compare true Draconic to Latin in the real world: it is the language of ancient Rome, the Romans. After the fall of the Roman empire, Latin became a lost language. As it is now in the world, Latin is in fact a dead language. Italian resembles it on many levels, but there are centuries between the languages: they are not the same anymore. Italian therefore can be compared to the Kobold Draconic, a strongly evolved dialect. 18th Century scholars often spoke and wrote in Latin, because it was simply considered a language of knowledge. They had no evidence of how exactly it was spoken, since the only Latin known to humans that live now, is written Latin; we have no idea if the spoken Latin resembles the written Latin, we can only guess and reason, but we are never sure. This is how you could look at the arcane Draconic as wizards use it.

Abyssal is the common tongue of The Abyss, of Demons. Any priest or (un)holy warrior who deals regularly with creatures of The Abyss will learn this tongue as a means of communicating with the lower denizens. Of course also humanoids with Demon blood in them know this language. In short, Abyssal is a common tongue of planar, chaotic evil.

Infernal is the common tongue of Devils. Any priest or (un)holy warrior who deals regularly with creatures of Hells will learn this tongue as a means of communicating with the lower denizens. Of course also humanoids with Devil blood in them know this language. In short, Infernal is a common tongue of planar, lawful evil.
Animal Language is the language of the wild. It can take many forms, like a dog's barking, a snake's hissing or a bird's singing. Animal Language is the "bridge" between for example Druids and nature. Important to realise about Animal Language is that animals do not speak the Animal Language: bats do not converse with salamanders! Bats talk to bats, salamanders with salamanders. Animal Language means that a character is able to speak with and understand any animal.

Note also that Sylvan, the language of the fey, is not the same as the druidic language, though both allow communication with any animal.

Menfolk/Pletora Tier

Pletora is used throughout Shinma, it is the common language and basic understanding that all can communicate

Dwarven (or Dwarvern) is the common tongue of all Dwarves and their subraces, including Tehb Thom Dwarf. It is an ancient, secret language. It uses the Dethek rune alphabet.Dwarves generally do not speak their language near strangers, because they do not want them to learn it. Duergar have this tendency as well, but they are not as strict in this as surface Dwarves.

the Dwarves and Tehb Thom Dwarf sometimes use a certain kind of common, where they replace normal English words with Scottish-like variants, or simply phonettically. This is done to give it an extra touch. Some examples for illustration:

"Hello there miss, I am about to go on a long journey, and I was wondering if you could provide me with some provisions for my trip. By the way, you look beautiful this evening."


"Hello there lass, I be goin' on a long jerney, and I wis wonnerin' iffen ye kin gimme some ale fer the trip. Ye be lookin' mighty fine dis evenin' I mist add."


"Oi thar lassy, ah be goin' on a lon' journey, an' me wis wonderin' if ye kin gimme sum beer fer me trip. An' ye be lookin' moity foin dis eev'nin I have tae add."

As you can see, there are many possiblities in doing this (see the links below for more). Just be sure to keep in mind that there is in no way a rule that says which variant of words one can or should use, nor is there a rule stating that you have to use this dialect when speaking Common in the first place.


Orc is the language written and spoken by most orcs and their related kin, including Half-Orcs and Orogs. The Orc language is savage and there is a limited vocabulary. Generally this means that, should the rarity of a scholar Half-Orc or Orog occur, they will not use the Orc language as a manner of communicating with other scholars.

Sign Language:
Sign Language is not really a language, but more a collection of signs and hand gestures that have a set meaning, mostly military, which are used on patrols. This means that with Sign Language you can not carry on full conversations. It is a simplified language for quick orders and reports. Sign Language is also not universal for all Shadow Elves: it differs from elf city to elf city, having developed certain "dialects", much like British and American sign languages differ from eachother.

Thieves Cant is a creation of thieving guilds. They developed a language of inconspicuous hand gestures, sounds and body positions to use for signalling secret messages on public. It became a valuable tool for stealing or abducting in groups, indicating commands, targets or dangers (such as guards), et cetera. It is a very basic and simplified "language" for quick signs and not meant for carrying on full conversations, but rather quick orders or warnings only. Thieves Cant should only be used when necessary, since rogues tend to guard this language carefully. They would not want others to "interpret" it and learn their secrets.

Similar to the Sign language of Shadow Elf, Thieves Cant is not a real language. Nor is it universal.

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Language Rules
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