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 NPC's: Mistics and Masters

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NPC's: Mistics and Masters Empty
PostSubject: NPC's: Mistics and Masters   NPC's: Mistics and Masters Empty2012-12-28, 9:25 pm

Esmeralda : Scarlet Witch - Recently arrived on Gisildaigaon (tue)
Master Hoku: Martial Artist - Arania 3 days (tue,wed,thus)
Isabelle: Mercenary - Shirza-Ka beach on vacation 2 days off(tue,wed)
Kyros - Dark Sorcerer - Arrived on the shore of Dragovia (tue)
Marcus Hator - Exorcist - Yattama marshs 2 days (tue,wed)
Maria Blare - Priestess - Ryuju 3 days (tue,wed,thus)

Those are the ones that gathered fame around their names and rumors spread when people see them around. which why they can be found snitching, questioning and all.
Some masters 'll or 'll not teach people, depends entirely on the student, some of them may request something in exchange, most of the time its quite money or a personal favor.

NPC's: Mistics and Masters Richar10
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NPC's: Mistics and Masters
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