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 DM Events: Personal Styles

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DM Events: Personal Styles Empty
PostSubject: DM Events: Personal Styles   DM Events: Personal Styles Empty2012-12-27, 12:24 pm

As the description says, the rules and guidelines of any event one of us hosts will be posted here. We do not run events the same way. What I have here in my post, will not be the way other DM's run their events. If you have any questions on any portion of this, feel free to PM whoever it is the style of. With that said...

DM Soul

  • All rolls are without levels added. It is your modifier added to your Stat rolls, and any bonuses you may receive (depending on the roll) from any source.(ie. Weapon, Skill, Buff, Character Power, etc etc)

  • I will not tell you when to make rolls outside of combat. You do them on your own.(ie. Spot, Listen, Search, Move Silently, Hide, etc etc)

  • If you do anything stupid IC'ly, no matter how perfectly timed or hilarious, expect your character to feel pain.

  • If there is combat, you must roll your Dexterity for initiative. If you are entering combat, you state that you are, and join in the next round after everyone else(NPC's included) have gone.

  • AoO(Attack of Opportunity) - Combat happens in real time. Your turn happens in a matter of seconds. Depending on what happens, either you will be given a AoO or if you roleplay moving away from a conscious enemy you will have given them one on you. Tumble is not used for this. You roll your dexterity if you are the defender(AKA, being attacked), while your opponent rolls their highest physical stat. If you are the attacker, you roll your highest physical stat against the Dexterity of the enemy.

  • Countering - If you are attacked, and manage to block/dodge out of the way, you may counter if you are in melee range. You roll your Strength or Dexterity to hit, and if you are five above their initial roll, you hit and do your damage. Keep in mind the above-stated AoO rule. How you roleplay matters. If you emote rolling away, you are not entitled to a counter attack unless you have a dagger in your hand that you can throw, for example. If you emote rolling away, and you wish to make a counter attack, you must emote pulling out a dagger/dart/shuriken/etc in your emote. Adding it in after will not work.

  • I don't mind if people talk OOC'ly during the events I run, so long as they do not slow you down greatly. If I have to say BIC, tone it down, take it to tells. I'll talk OOC, as a DM giving advise when I see it needed, explain something that happened IC, or answer any question that pertains to the event at hand. Even previous events may be asked questions of - Whether via tells or not, I'll answer so long as it is on-topic.

  • Anyone with MCS or metagaming: I will give one warning if you do either. If it happens again, you will not gain any tokens or goodies from the event. Depending on the event, goodies may not be given to all players that would have gotten them before. If it becomes a problem, a re-occurrence, I will dock levels. Don't worry, there will be an IC reason. You won't know when, but you'll understand how.

  • Swearing: I don't care if you do or don't. If a player in my event asks that you not do so much of it, or at all, just abide by their request.

  • It may be in your best interest to use the area surrounding you. Whether it be for cover or to gain an upper-hand, even to just get away.

This is my list for now. During events I may change or add to the above listed.

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
- Soul
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DM Events: Personal Styles
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