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 Notices in Tohoku Village

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Notices in Tohoku Village Empty
PostSubject: Notices in Tohoku Village   Notices in Tohoku Village Empty2012-12-27, 2:20 am

(( When something happens in the surrounding area of the village, or rumors begin to fly that someone may overhear from a resident of the village, it is posted here. ))

As more and more caravans come through the quiet village of Tohoku, rumors spread of an increase in bandit attacks around the region. There isn't a general place where the attacks on caravans seem to happen the most - The attacks seem to occur in regions nearby of the village itself. Many come to the village wounded and without their goods, some claim loved ones were kidnapped, others were thankful to just be alive. Much grief seems to have been caused, yet no one has begun a search of the area. The guards of the village have stepped up patrols within the village itself, mainly checking their defenses. Rangers from the village have left to scout, but they have noticed nothing as of yet on clear whereabouts of the bandits themselves. One may expect to be taken on by a caravan headed out of town as a guard, or even to scout if they have enough skill.

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
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Notices in Tohoku Village
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