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 Bandit Routing

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Bandit Routing Empty
PostSubject: Bandit Routing   Bandit Routing Empty2012-12-27, 1:49 am

A woman came by and asked for help of the inn instead of speaking to the local guard. Figuring it was a more private matter Kiara and her new friend Fon, a monk with a chicken named Cluckz followed the woman outside of town.

During the traversing, she explained that bandits at a nearby ruin decided to steal and pillage many goods including her own stuff. The two of them went to the aid of the girl..and while Kiara decided to take the stealthy approach, Fon walked in the middle of the camp to reason with them.

Seeing the attempt failing, Kiara set off her Fox Flash illusion and blinded everyone in the camp but for Fon, and the battle ensued.

In the middle of the combat, Gre'em wandered by hearing the noise of the fighting and decided to assist with a particularly powerful and nasty ritual that melted the minds of the bandits, making them easy pickings for Fon and Kiara

With the bandits taken down, Fon collasped due to wounds, and Kiara ran to the town to inform the guards of the bandit's takedown, and that all of thier stolen good is now confiscatable to return to thier origional owners. She also asks for assistance for her collasped friend back at the ruins, hoping they make it in time.
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Bandit Routing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bandit Routing   Bandit Routing Empty2012-12-27, 2:08 am

Aid is sent to the campsite that was in the ruin of an old outpost, where the battle had occurred. Two large and empty wagons were brought with a small group of guards: The bodies of the deceased piled in one cart, the goods and Fon's body in the other.

Upon being brought back to the village of Tohoku, Fon had been brought to the guards' barracks for medical attention. The girl has been given the goods back as well.

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
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Bandit Routing
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