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 Stances on Magic!

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In the world of Shinma, magic is frowned upon by the majority of cities and villages. It is typically kept a secret if anyone can use magic for many reasons. Even in places where it is accepted, this wonderous ability to harness power from the Weave is feared for it's potential. Most are oblivious to the world of magic. While some are born a sorcerer, able to harness power from the Weave, but this causes trouble for both the parents and the newborn if discovered by the locals. Or even extremists against magic. Humans are the most afraid of magic. It is unknown to them, seen only as a means to bring harm to others in the end. Laws were passed as a way to justify killing someone found using magic - The fear of the people being too great for them to give a chance to those bearing the gift of the Weave.

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Stances on Magic!
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