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 SCC Class

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PostSubject: SCC Class   SCC Class Empty2012-06-16, 9:52 pm

Account name : Shadowtim3

Class Applying For : Drake Rider

Why You're Applying : ICly Timothy's father was a well known knight. His fall from grace caused him to lose the trust of just about every knight in Gisildaigaon. Timothy wants to regain that honor and surpass it, that and find his old man for answers as to why he left his mother and him to the mercy of a dark knight.

Character Concept : I'll just do a RP for you guys to approve if that's alright with you? *Won't post till a confirmation of the rp concept of obtaining a dragon.*
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PostSubject: Re: SCC Class   SCC Class Empty2012-06-19, 11:54 am

This is still being considered, also best to save up the tokens right now and know exactly that you must follow the hardcore rules, for now you can write up a concept so it can be reviewed.

SCC Class Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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SCC Class
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