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 Advice for "OOC" NWN Engine Classes

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Advice for "OOC" NWN Engine Classes Empty
PostSubject: Advice for "OOC" NWN Engine Classes   Advice for "OOC" NWN Engine Classes Empty2012-03-21, 1:13 am

There are PvE events that will occur every now and then. You can build a character however you want, but their class should fit the character as well as your powers.(Level powers, tech tree's, etc). To not do so may work against your character in these PvE events. With this being a RP(Role Play) server, you should do so already. This is just a reminder for you to choose carefully. Something that you're comfortable playing so long as it is free to play on here and you abide by the rules.
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Advice for "OOC" NWN Engine Classes
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