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 Complaints and PVP

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Complaints and PVP Empty
PostSubject: Complaints and PVP   Complaints and PVP Empty2012-02-08, 2:00 am

Yes i'm posting this because people don't seem to understand.

Do not complain out loud on public channels/partychat: Go to the forum and make a post with your problem.
When you make such a post:
- If you have an opinion, back it up with reason.
- If you have a question, give enough information so others can help you.
- And if you have just something to say, say it respectfully.
If you feel wronged by another player:
- Let the player know using the above guidelines.
- If that doesn't work, make a screenshot of the whole issue, and contact the game master(s).

- If you feel wronged and griefed by a character ask them to stop in a civil manner both IC/OOC
-Back up your reasons for attacking another player I.E, verbal or ooc agreement..and above all keep it IC.
-Godgaming: Claiming to be omnipotent. Not intending to accept defeat. Winning at any cost is a very immature behavior.
If all else fails send your proof through logs and or screenshots to your DM in PMs so that all may be looked at.
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Complaints and PVP Empty
PostSubject: Re: Complaints and PVP   Complaints and PVP Empty2012-02-08, 6:42 am

This has been covered here, "PvP Guidelines" and "In-Game Etiquette":

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
- Soul
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Complaints and PVP
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