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 Dragons [NPC Race]

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~~ :: Dragons of Shinma :: ~~

Dragons [NPC Race] Elementald

These races are very rare and the knowledge is not easily gain either, DO NOT metagame these races.

Name: Dragons
Cost: NPC Only.
Special: Requires the Character to have a 70 Lore Mod to Know The Below.(No gear unless DM approved)
Type: Ancient Race
God: God Gin'bo "Paraonia" Napishtim, the God of Chaos and creator of chaos dragons. (Dragon-Kids/Napishtim )
Godess: Goddess Melfian Luminiae, the Goddess of light and creator of good kindred dragons. (Dragon-Kids)
General Information: The dragons in this setting are mostly or not from the mainstream DnD (If you see a Red and Bronze talking in terms, no this is has nothing to do with DnD) yes they can be evil, good, or neutral. There are many species of dragons in this world and each will have their own descriptions for players to view, of course Dragons are very rare and a encounter with one is even rarer and of course should be respected as much. Dragons are the high tier of Shinma even one dragon can shape the events around it or destroy it.
Character Power-Wise: Should a Dragon ever be Seriously Created as an NPC, their powers are Always on the release equal to a Forbidden Power. (Perma +12 Release Bonus, Forbidden Powers.) They may be any alignment for any color, just like characters, and hold a +15 total HP/MP to replace the 15 hp/mp that would be healed from releasing into a Forbidden power normally.

Race Information:

Each Dragon Race holds power over a separate element, and separate powers. This comes with positives, and negatives both for the Dragon, however all are powerful.
Aquatic: The aquatic dragons use acid, venom and poison to hunt, they are smaller then the other dragons, but are at home int eh water, able to swim and breath underwater as well as on land, normally they are green and blue, and their scales are thinner, made more for swimming and speed hunting underneath the surface of the water then armored defenses. May use Poison, Venom, and Acid-Based Elements, But they gain a +2 to all Rolls Related to their Element, and Physical Rolls.
Colored: The colored dragons very in colors and styles, however nearly all are roughly the size of small hills, and hold wide blunt scales made for heavy defense, they have unnatural powers over their elements allowing them to breath our their element of their color. May only use the Element of their Color, But they gain a +3 to all Rolls Related to their Element and Physical Rolls.
Metallic: The metallic dragons are by far some of the strongest of the dragons, they are incredibly powerful, their scales small and thin, yet twice as hard as the colored dragons scales, they are roughly the size of large hills and shine with polished color of their metal, they are able to master any element easily and with staggering amounts of power. May use all of the Elements, and gain a +4 to all Elemental and Physical Rolls.
Lungs/Chinese/Japanese: These dragons are far rarer only because the lands they hail from smaller islands and smaller then the mainland, however they are normally anywhere between 100 ft. long to 500ft long, they hold arms and legs only 2-3 ft long, however they are able to master spells and energies as well as constrict and hunt much like a snake does, making them just as dangerous as the general dragon. May use all of the Elements, and gain a +4 to all Elemental and Physical Rolls.
Crystal: The Crystal Dragons are by far the strongest of the Dragonic race, however they are incredibly rare, literally some being nearly the size of mountains the dragons are powerful and great, able to manipulate every element, crystals, even some time itself on some levels, this has granted them incredibly powerful magic and form. May use all of the Elements, and gain a +6 to all Elemental and Physical Rolls, Immune to Tainting of any Sort with their Opposite Alignment.
Ancient Metallic: These are the ancients of the noble Metallic dragons, dragons of the metallic age who have lived thousands of years, with that age they have grown, true not as powerful as a Crystal dragon, however powerful all the same, powerful enough to stall a Crystal dragon easily, and with luck Beat one. May use all of the Elements, and gain a +5 to all Elemental and Physical Rolls, Immune to Tainting of any Sort with their Opposite Alignment.
Shadow See Here. -->

Dragon Types:
Dragons [NPC Race] Indestructible_by_redfyredragon-d7cb0zj_zpsbd37b012

Dragons come in different sets of Rarity, they posses a supernatural power over magic and the lands of Shinma as they were part of it since its creations, one with its earth and powers.

Rare Dragons:

Holy Dragons
Holy Dragons or Arch Dragons were the first Dragons created they were given to the Eternal Winged Knights to protect over the lands of Wyvera a unique island that could float in the air by means of strange crystals of lost ancient times. Each Holy dragon is tasked in keeping the island s afloat or relying wisdom to the old elves that suddenly vanished through time. Holy Dragons are completely white with feather wings with different colour patterns on their body.
They are Immune to Rank 0-3 Spells,Negative/poison/holy/Damage and Affects.


- Aquatic: The Aquatic dragons, though rare, are the most common of the Dragons, they are more animalistic then the rest and produce more offspring, however still they are far rarer then any other animal, even mythical beasts are sometimes less rare, they are smaller and as such build for speed hunting through the water. They are Immune to Water/Venom and Poison-Based Damage/Effects.

Very Rare:

- Metallic: The Metallic dragons are far rarer and stronger, able to defeat nearly any foe being the nobles of the dragonic race, they are rare and  powerful, the average being several hundred years old, with this time they have mastered all elements, and increased their powers greatly. They are Immune to Rank 0-1 Spells, Venom/Poison Damage and Affects.

Dragons [NPC Race] Fireoriental
- Lungs/Chinese/Japanese: These are dragons of small islands that have basically, been left alone and worshiped for so long that they have gained power through sheer age and wisdom, allowing them to be unnaturally powerful, originally as strong as colored dragons, but now equal to the metallic because of their sheer age and wisdom, they are able to manipulate and shrug off just as much as them. They are Immune to Rank 0-1 Spells, Venom/Poison Damage and Affects.

Extremely Rare:

- Crystal: Crystal Dragon are the most powerful Dragons of the Shinma world, the beasts are able to easily kill and battle against the other dragonic races with enhanced magic, physical power, and size, being gigantic and masters of magic, it is incredibly hard to harm them using magic, if you wish to it costs you far more magical power then any other opponents. They are Immune to Rank 0-3 Spells, Venom/Poison Damage and Affects, as well as gain a +1d6 to all Damage Rolls.

- Ancient Metallic: Ancient Metallic Dragons, are metallic dragons whom have existed and grown for so long that their power has reached its peak, not as powerful as Crystal dragons, but very close the dragons are some of the most legendary monsters as they are generally older then the Crystal dragons and as such more well-known, they are able to manipulate and shrug off spells with fairly large amount of power and ease. They are Immune to Rank 0-2 Spells, Venom/Poison Damage and Affects, as well as gain a +1d4 to all Damage Rolls.
- Shadow See Here. -->

~~ :: History of the Dragons :: ~~

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the world was brought to form by the gods. It was blank and useless, however each god decided to add their own ... flavor to it. However before all other races came the dragons, ancient, powerful, wise and giant beasts. Gin'bo, the creator of the beasts loved power and chaos, and though evil he did not force his children to be such, he allowed them to choose their own way and watch it all play out. First he created the Aquatic Dragons to inhabit the great lakes and oceans of the world, then he took a bit of each element in the world, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Water, and Wind, and formed a dragon from each of the elements essences. So came the Colored Dragons, from here he then gathered these elements and combined them, adding a bit of gold to one, a bit of silver to another, and bronze,t hen brass, to each of the others, so came to be the metallic dragons of Shinma. Then he watched them as they drove lines between themselves, scattered amongst the realms, the most powerful beasts, yet forced into hiding by the mass quantities of the younger and weaker races. It angered him his children were forced to hide and fear, some places respected his children greatly, but nothing like what they deserved, this anger formed and he opened his hand forming all of the elements combining them, he then added a bit of steel, and the other metallic dragons essences as well, then finally to stabilize the massive concentration, he added a single gem, a piece of obsidian as well as his very essence into the swirling mass, a blinding flash occurred and so was the birth of the obsidian crystal dragon held. He continued this one dragon for each of the gems, only one dragon for each gem may ever by one of these great dragons.

With the creation of these great dragons came the creation of many things, but mostly, fear. Fear and respect for the great race, this pleased Gin'bo, his children were now worth many things and something many feared, sailors feared and respected the aquatic dragon, some even worshiped them hoping they would bring in the fish for them. Farmers did the same for the colored Dragons, Priests of holy temples worshiped the metallic dragons for their seeming connection tot he gods above, and the greatest of his children ... the crystal dragons, were worshiped by all, those who saw them ether lived to tell tails of the greatest beasts of the world, or were never heard of again, leaving his prides and joys shrouded in respect and mystery. This caused many foolish mortal little ones, as he liked calling them, humans and elves, to go and seek out his children for teachings, or for slaying, very rarely did ether happen, only when a entire village or city banded together with powerful magic and warriors ever dd one of his children fall, of course he considered this a good thing, it proved that he had balanced his children, powerful and great, but still able to fall like any great king of any land. Soon his children fell into myth, they had learned to avoid to challenge hug numbers of these little ones it made him proud how intelligent and wise they had become in these hundreds of years, they learned from their mistakes immediately another mark of a good mind. Soon the race nearly disappeared from memory of any, and they were called extinct, this amused him at the ignorance of the races created by the other Gods, and often he mocked them about such.

Then came the day when the children of Gin'bo began to learn new magic, the magic to transform ones body, to polymorph. Many took advantage of such, and began to walk among the small ones, they would enjoy and learn of their lives and cultures, using their intelligence as they did so news s[read eventually of this among the small ones races, though not because they were seen no, but because soon hybrids began to appear, with the transformation of the human or elven form, then the desires of that race were formed as well, and when a child was born with horns, or claws, or even tails and wings, it became obvious something was not right. Many mothers began to raise hybrid children, at first Gin'bo saw these as worthless creatures that deserved to die, he did not foresee this problem, and then he watched one, a adult maybe a few hundred years old, quite young by dragon years, quite old by human standards, but for a hybrid it was the peak of their physical powers. He was hunting demons and undead, something of the darker realms that also he watched on occasion, eh saw him coming up on a camp of the undead and snorted figuring he';d watch the young one die. But to his amazement the hybrid easily crushed the undead and continued his hunt, he watched the hybrid crush undead camp after undead camp, and it began to catch his interest. Soon the hybrid tired however, but he had left several crushed camps only sporting a few minor burns and cuts as he walked back tot eh inn, Gin'bo pondered this, maybe these children were not so useless, perhaps they were indeed worth something, these Grand Children of his as he decided to call them.

Eventually he became very interested in these hybrids, they were far more active then his children, though they were indeed active undercover, these children began to make a even greater name for themselves, they were masters of magic and physical combat, able to cause incredible levels of destruction for their small size, some even seeked out their dragonic parents, and were taught the ways of the dragon, becoming disciples, causing them to gain even more power and strength.However eventually even these grandchildren began to bore him, and the creation of something far darker became needed ... every good required a greater evil, only his great crystal dragons would be equal to these creatures, he took the essence of the undead, and combined it with the powers of the metallic dragon, soon as he fueled its power, the creation of the shadow dragon came into play, a disgusting monster that reeked of death and evil, glimmering darkness and shadow as everything ti touched was tainted. he allowed five to be amongst the earth at a time ... they became known as the scourges of death, and all feared them, only the crystal dragons ancient and powerful by now dint fear the monsters. They were the only ones, and the first ones, to slay one of these shadow dragons,and with the death of the shadow dragon, the Gin'bo rewarded his other children, he allowed the Dragon kids to be created into power, though that is another story. With the combined forces of the Dragon Kids and the dragons themselves, the Dragoon's, not dragons at all, but guardians of shaven and good, the shadow dragons were driven back, however they began to create their own ... 'Dragon Kids' a terrifying version of them, combining the undead, and the Dragon Child blood with their own. Again another story for another time, now that he had created a inner war within his children, grandchildren, and great grand children, he watched amused and curious at how this great war that most of the humans and elves were clueless about would play out, a battle that would shake the very bases of the other planes of existence, little did Gin'bo knew what he had created, but he would soon find out.

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Added holy dragons

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Dragons [NPC Race]
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