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 Important annoucment

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PostSubject: Important annoucment   Important annoucment Empty2012-01-28, 8:04 pm

As a warning we are not affiliated with any of the trouble that bleach x is going through, this server is in its own standpoint and thus should not be a target of any base of operations for griefing. Do not try to persuade any players of bleach x to come here or insult the server in any way to them, if you want people that you like to play here, you ask, not speak with venom

Important annoucment Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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PostSubject: Re: Important annoucment   Important annoucment Empty2012-02-01, 6:11 pm

Kenny wrote:
It's come to my attention that some rumors are circulating, and people are taking them for facts. But once the rumor mill gets going, it's really hard to stop. Well, here goes.

Apparantly, players of the Shinma server are under the impression that they will be banned from the Bleach X server simply for playing on a so-called 'rival server.'
This is a falsehood and I don't even want to know who started spreading it, but I can guess at how the rumor came to be.

We had received screenshots of some players agressively recruiting people on our server in tells, offering DM positions if they left our server and went to Shinma. Two such individuals have received temporary bans from our server. If they come back and don't immediately go back to agressive recruiting drives, they are welcome to stay.

Let me assure everyone:

No one is getting banned simply for playing on other servers. You're free to play where you like and come and go as you please.

I hope this message will also make it to the Shinma community, if anyone who plays there would be kind enough to relay it, I would be grateful.

Important annoucment Scarec10
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Important annoucment
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