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PostSubject: Refund!!!    2012-01-23, 7:51 pm

Attention All of our dearest Players.

All those our lovely player that spent time in our server 'll not past in blank, in fact everything that is posted in the forums, all your broughts 'll be refunded. by your neightborg DM. so if you had and Have to be refunded seek one of Us to receive your Tokens back.

Note. To be refunded you MUST have post about your broughts upon the forum.

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PostSubject: Re: Refund!!!    2012-01-24, 5:18 am

All i remember was that i was level 13, had an unique quest-reward dragonslicer (two-bladed sword) and 31 tokens on my inventory. 0.o,


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Personal Sexy assistance

Number of posts : 230
Registration date : 2011-03-16

PostSubject: Re: Refund!!!    2012-01-24, 10:31 pm

nono,. refund 'll be made as stated only to those who have posted in the forum their brought
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PostSubject: Re: Refund!!!    2012-01-25, 9:53 am

and what about those of us who's posts are removed? Because silvara, whom everyone rping at the time I was should remember, has been erased. for some reason not a single post related to that character remains -.-, her bio and purchases are gone, her power entries are the only references I can find. all I can tell you for certain is she was at least 25 as her 2nd power was approved, however I can't tell you what stats I bought, or what levels where bought. even though I know I spent quite a bit on it, considering she was fighting against grim quite a few times. your refund does have that particular flaw

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PostSubject: Re: Refund!!!    

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