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 Shinma Bestiary and Resources

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PostSubject: Shinma Bestiary and Resources   Shinma Bestiary and Resources Empty2011-11-02, 11:05 am

The Monster bestiary that can be found though out Shinma and Nar'zurrlia, they are marked by dangerous level, rarity, and area.


Shinma Bestiary and Resources B8SlZ48

"The Beastiary," known throughout the regions of Shinma by the folks of a more adventurous persuasion for its detailed and analytical descriptions of the beasts and boogeymen of the lands. Every so often, new editions are printed with new additions to the listings, more detail added to the old, and new theories to be tested by those foolhardy, or brave enough to test their luck. Prized as a resource by some scholars, and belittled as occult-gibberish and fairytale by others, it is nonetheless a solid resource for any seeking to start their journeys into the harsher, unknown regions.


Shinma Bestiary and Resources YYjTMeG

"Amphibians" are vertebrates which inhabit a wide variety of locales, both terrestial, arboreal, or fossorial and even aquatic areas. Amphibians are unique in that they most often begin life in a larvae like state, inhabiting water and then mature into adult creatures, which breath air. When on land, amphibians favor areas which receive heavy rainfall and tend to stay damp due to their need to keep their skin moist. In order to aid in this, they are typically coated in a thin layer of mucous which is produced in areas across their bodies. Amphibians can be further separated into three distinct groupings:

I) Anoures, or "frogs," as they are more commonly known. They are the largest group of amphibians which lack a tail and posses short bodies and large heads, and are largely carnivorous. They inhabit regions from jungles to freezing, winter forests, though are most numerous in the warmer climates. Due to typically having larger hind-legs, then front legs, they favor walking over running. They are also recognized most commonly for their jumping capabilities, most often as some of the best jumpers within the realm of animals.


II) Caudata, or "salamanders," as they are more commonly known. Salamanders, unlike frogs, have tails and tend to be more slender and long-bodied in appearance - more reptilian. Despite their often snake-like appearance, they still retain the soft, damp skin of the other amphibians, and have four limbs protruding from the sides of their bodies. To the observant eye, their also blunted snout and wide head immediately sets them apart from any sort of reptile-counterpart.


III) Gymnophiona, or "caecilians," perhaps the least well known of the amphibians. Like salamanders, they are long and slender bodied, but posses a more worm-like form to them than anything else. They also have a pair of tentacles near the eyes, which can be extended and serve as sort of "feelers" for the caecilian. They are mostly found within the warmer, tropical regions.



Shinma Bestiary and Resources Th58AbH

"Dragons" are among the oldest of the world's inhabitants. Admired for their wisdom, and feared for their ferocity and power, they are beings shrouded in mystery and intrigue among the scholars. We struggle to understand their true nature and purpose, sifting through ancient history and tomes long since forgotten to sort fact from fiction. It is said that long ago, the dragons of this world were forced into an eternal slumber to maintain the careful balance of nature. Little else is known of them, despite the efforts put forth to unearth more. There is the occasional supposed "sighting" by the odd peasant or two in the outermost reaches of civilization, but little ever comes of it.



Shinma Bestiary and Resources Ow600eJ

"Insects" are among the most diverse, and widespread class of animals across the world. The most distinct difference between these diverse creatures would be that some have wings, while others are restricted to land movement. Other defining characteristics of the insect-creatures would be a segmented body of three separate parts, antennae, and three pairs of jointed legs. This is what sets them apart from another grouping, the arachnids. Common insects include ants, bees, moths, flies, grasshoppers, wasps, and silkworms.



Shinma Bestiary and Resources 9wWoRJb

"Mammals" are the grouping of creatures which humanity and its cousins belong to. Noteworthy features include hair, a four chambered heart, and giving birth to live young. Despite being largely terrestrial creatures, there are a handful of aquatic mammals, and even a handful of which lay eggs. Among the aquatic mammals, are the whales, dolphins and their kin. And among the egg-laying variety, the platypus, long-beaked echidna, and their kin.


Shinma Bestiary and Resources Q0MT0hV

"Reptiles" are a strange grouping, which some lump the avian animals such as birds into. Nearly every land except the coldest of regions house some form of reptile. Common reptiles include the snakes, tortoise and turtles, crocodiles and alligators, and lizards. Much like amphibians, while inhabiting a wide array of locales, reptiles tend to favor the warmer climates and tropical regions. Worthy of note, is the notion that reptiles of particularly bright or vibrant colorings are often toxic or poisonous. Another noteworthy behavior in some smaller lizards is the fact that they are capable of regrowing and shedding their tails when caught by predators. Once freed from capture, their tail will regrow over time. Though, it is often relatively discolored and typically shorter than the original appendage.


Shinma Bestiary and Resources Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b

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le Pill0w of Fate tart~

Number of posts : 1130
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Registration date : 2008-07-30

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PostSubject: Re: Shinma Bestiary and Resources   Shinma Bestiary and Resources Empty2014-04-06, 10:50 pm

[Rarity]: Rare

Mithril, is in it's basic raw-form a bright green colour,
it is a light-weight material much favored for it's properties
of being both light-weight and durable at the same time, favored
by most Elves around Shinma whom currently holds monopoly upon
the Ore itself throughout the world, whilst not anywhere near as
rare as Cold-Steel it is considered rare due to the fact that the
Elven-Kindred refuse to part with it to surfaces, making only
exceptions for dear-close friends among the outsiders, it is
however generally considered unfit to be used as a sole ingredient
in forges due to it's tendency to bend easily for said reasoning
Plate-Mail is impossible to be made out of Mithril and is thus
if made half and half mixed with Iron more commonly, in weapons
unless one specifically goes about making weapons meant to be light
and undependable for parrying, they are also undependable due to
likely hood of breaking, and is only ever used in rare cases used
as the inner-core of larger-weapons surrounded in iron,
in order to create weapons lighter than the usual, due to the
eleven-monopoly of such it's usually referred more commonly as

Cold Steel
[Rarity]: Rare
[Special]: Cannot be used for forgeries through conventional
means, IC-knowledge required to learn to forge.

Cold-Steel named simply after it's property to be a material
that in it's crafted and raw form ends out naturaly being colder
than even ice, is a strange form of Iron that shares many of the
original's properties, but remains more densified and has a natural
protection against moisture and cold, and therefore does not rust,
the material itself is infact in it's own unique way allready rusted
even after fresh-forging, due to it's strange temprature however
forgery of weapons or armor of Cold-Steel is all but impossible unless
the smith itself knows one of the Northen-Tribe's most well-kept
secret, Tribe-Leaders and War chiefs of the "civilization" of the
north in rare occasions are known to wield such weapons, and whilst
still being a rare and even harder to make forgery out of material,
Cold-Steel is world-famous for it's beauty when turned into weapons
or armor, in the factor that the material itself is transparent
and looks akin to a blue-sort of ice that does not melt.

[Rarity]: Ultra-Rare
[Special]: Cursed-Material - Sinister-Aura.

Ryunite is a material only found through the world of Shinma
albeit rarely to begin with on Isle-Ryuju hence
where the name derrives from, the material is supponsedly
acording to rumors and locals (of mixed legitimacy) otherwordly
and glows a faint red when forged into weapons, serving as both a
small light-source in form of a faint dim red glow along with the
natural property of having base-heat through it's origin inform of
natural-heat larger than that of the regular human's body temprature, thus far the
origin of Ryunite is unknown though speculations derrive back to the days when Ryuju was
originaly created through Volcanic-Erruption, it has high resistances against the elements such
as water or frost, does not rust when expostured to moisture, and
unlike most other metals Ryunite seems to conduct electricity worse
than even rock, it's much harder than Cold Steel, Adamantium or even
Cryllium, however it is also heavier than even regular Iron.

Ryunite in itself is not only feared but even discouraged to be used
in smithing even by the local famous sword smiths of Ryuju itself, not
because of it's hardiness or even how hard finding the material is but
due to past ages, during Ryuju's early days as an empire scattered
into various territories of fighting factions afew blades were
crafted from the material, and whilst fearsome and by far better
than normal blades these blade's wielders had the tendency to end
in grave fates or twist's of destiny, earning Ryunite the alternative
name of "Hex-Iron", the blades in the past worn of Ryunite were said
to cause their wielder to be possessed by demons.

[Rarity]: Beyond-Ultra Rare
[Special]: Lighter than Wood.

Cryllium is a light-weight natural light-blue ore, it emits a faint
white light surrounding it's bare form and is favored for the creation
of weapons and armor not because of it's hardiness-factor in which
it's outshines by Ryunite, but because of it's weight Cryllium itself
is an astonishingly light material, that weights less than even wood,
it does not rust and has light magnetic properties in raw-ore form
of which some speculate is the method of it's creation, the few rare
occasions Cryllium has been researched it has been estimated that
the raw-ore itself has the property of literally harnessing natural
resources in it's surroundings to -VERY- slowly albeit impressively
grow in size over the years, it is much harder than any other material
of the known world of shinma with exception of Ryunite, but makes up
for it in lightness and easiness of forge, it is however like Ryunite
a very rare-find, whom's raw-price on the market over triumphs diamonds,
but due to it's not so grave reputation and lack of curse-property is
considered a much better option for creation of something, albeit most
people have no idea Cryllium even exists in the first place, since
unlike Ryunite it lacks reputation, it's considered a material worthy
to be the weapon of the god's themselves in the eyes of master-smiths.

Shinma Bestiary and Resources Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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Shinma Bestiary and Resources
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