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 Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race]

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Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race] Empty
PostSubject: Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race]   Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race] Empty2011-03-03, 6:12 pm

Napishtim councilor

Napishtim alignment

Napishtim usually fall under Unalignment or Neutral stances

LE, Unalignment, LN, rarely LG, CN OR CG

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Mentality of the Napishtim

The Napishtim are cruel beings, they live on a area completely full of water, though there are rare instance that there is "good" ones. They believe law above all other and remain a neutral stance they constantly looking for more ways to advance themselves by science or their "Relic" system (Like a huge computer base) containing bio-machines and spiraling glyphs that remain in the center of the Napishtim land, the relic system built around it by artificial land masses this area can record the creation of the land to all Napishtim mind sets that are connected to it, sometimes the children are forced to be connected and able to remove and alter their DNA and memories, it is a really cruel system that must not be taken lightly.

The few remaining less hostile Napishtim all have a different mind set, wanted to keep their sanity, typically lawful people who believe in upholding peace using the relic system intelligence they can gather (which is not a easy thing) to teach their children that all Napishtim used to be one being until the Sub-humans demanded power and forced them to split. If differences are set aside perhaps one day Sub Humans and Napishtim will manage to live in one banter against the true evil forces, but until then..war and racial standards remain hostile.

Quote :
Once they "Engage" as a release command, they gain the power of the Napishtim system that's full of taint, they sprout wings, claws, ect. I thought I'd step them up as a little "advance" but still magical, like how steam punk is.



Thousands of years ago the Napistim once populated the Shinma lands, until the sub-humans [Is what they called humans] began to come from a distant eastern part of the land. A terrible war happen as both Humans and Napistim battled for more land the technology was stolen or destroyed, the humans had quickly adapted to rid of the Napistim taken along the Golems to further the human goal in creating weapons. The Napistim seeing as the Sub humans shown overwhelming force..they finally retreated through the connected portals all over the lands[These still remain even as today but cannot be activated to the Napistim world]

The Great War


Peace came to the lands, humans began populating the world again slowly abandoning the use of golems and slowly reverted back to living simple lives of farm work because they grew afraid that these golems would one day destroy them and so the Kings and leaders took them apart storing them or tossing the parts into the abyss ocean to never be seen again. The world became the era of the Victorian, wealth rose and fell as humans started fighting among themselves and taking from the poor taxes rose and those who could no longer protect themselves rebelled against their Kings and Queens or spread across through different country sides establishing their own government. With the lost of great knowledge magic was soon discovered taking in distraction over the races, soon the uses of the weave spread to attention striking fear to those who could not control it properly and as soon as someone came to power, and abused the weave wars once broke out in another two thousand years until magic was finally brought attention to the gods to cease the abuse. It didn't take long for the Gods to come up with a solution they made avatars to be in their stead and spread out to the nation sapping up all the magical energies and closing off the weave.

The Napistim remained in their world durning this time..a giant ring placed between the two worlds, the ring barrier is not seen by the human eye but sometimes when the earth's axis moves it can be very barely visible. The ring keeps both worlds separate from crashing into each other, no one world can see the other and two moons orbit around them, the tiny red moon can be seen the ever 13th day.

Technology, Equipment and Knowledge

Naspistims do have much knowledge of crafting strange like Relics. They have metal armor and weapons that are a bit far from Shinma civilizations. Most Napistims are armed with advanced technology plate armor and spears.


The Floating Isles
The Napistim lands is filled with odd creatures, to flying whales and floating islands. To the people of these lands the islands are great get aways for relaxation to practicing magic arts in private. The Islands come in all shapes and sizes normally ferried by great whales for transportation or used by Kingdom's Queens and Kings.

The Stone Slabs


Napistim City

Napistim Monsters

Napistim Dragon Types

Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race] Napistim

::Shadow Dragon Napishtim , Not your everyday DnD (Shadow Dragon)::::

There are dragons with these names but a shadow dragon[Napishtim] is another dark being able to curse any living creature turning them into twisted creature of their former self. Dragonkids affected by the Napishtim Dragon will turn into the evil varitiy red dragon or black. Their forms are usually surrounded by a dark aura, once the Napishtim consumes the dragonkid's soul it can have power over them or result a chaotic born dragonkid etc.

::Dragon branch::

Kurthan-Lesser Napishtim drake

Grande Wyrm Napishtim

Napishtim dragons/Spells ect
-In work-

::Shadow Curse:

Shadow Curses are very dangerous, if touched by a Shadow dragon a dragon kid will suffer adnormal pains or evil taint sometimes even causing death. The younger ones able to resist the darkness normally suffer chaotic tendancies while being raised.(29 dc or 20 dc to resist taint but will cause lowerer statis of taint.[cursed](dm pick) [diseased] Even other creatures that are not immune to curses are effected as well.

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le Pill0w of Fate tart~

Number of posts : 1130
Location : cakeland-o
Registration date : 2008-07-30

Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race]   Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race] Empty2013-01-04, 2:59 pm



Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race] Water_Planet

Real-world Similarities
(Ecological) The Ocean..
Main Climate Subtropical??
Main Terrain Watery stuff..and artificial lands
Water Access Oceans...

Other Animals Fish, fish..and more alien like fish..
Plant Growth whatever grows in the ocean


Population 900000

Age Distribution Few elderly, many children (pyramid shaped)
Gender Ratio (males/female) .70% males/female

Literacy Rate 80%

Life Expectancy 90.5 years
Contentment medium


Natural Resources ----------------------------------- Fading
Main Resources ?? to be filled..
Main Exports ?? to be filled..
Main Imports ?? to be filled..
Trade Most other cities
Ecomonic Strength High
Wealth Distribution Staggered by class
Taxation Medium

Napistim City

Population ----------------------------------- 90,0000
Defenses Walls, ballista, warships
Location Oceanside
Locals Cruel and strict
Guards Plentiful
Crime ???

Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race] Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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Napishtims/ councilor [NPC Race]
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