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 Of the Creation of Shinma

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Of the Creation of Shinma Empty
PostSubject: Of the Creation of Shinma   Of the Creation of Shinma Empty2011-07-22, 6:39 am

The year six million BT the two worlds of Shinma (Realm of the Demons) and Nar'zurrlia (Napisitim World), The YIN and YANG worlds if you will, were created. They were made bare and virgin, one world filled with nothing but water. The other a creation of land, desert, and ocean..a totally flat lands. The Gods frowned upon their creations as it was empty, the creator Gods Memnos and Leeya made the first version of Man, Celestial blooded angels, they worshiped the Gods and they were pleased. Ag’haron scoffed at such works and showed the Creator Gods he too could make something, with his elemental powers he made the mountains and volcanoes erupting with great power that boiled through the plains and turned them into deserts. The other Gods soon became jealous and with their combine efforts they made forests,streams, plants, animals, and magical beings.

Nothing is perfect and in this case the Angelic beings also fell into corruption. It had been thousands of years, the world was still empty and the Gods were to busy squabbling to do anything about it, Elsewhere, a pantheon was united in doubt for the last time. They spoke of Armageddon, They spoke of hostility and of blame. And then the smallest of angels, Ramfiaus stood up, his voice ringing clear and piercing the might of the vocations of deities.

"I have had enough of serving you Gods." He turned to his fellow angels and spoke directly to them, "Those of you that seek a better life stand with me or forever stand besides the Gods that refuse to work together." the deities fell silent. For the first time a angel spoke out in serious atone. Ramfiaus stole the Chalice right before the Gods, knowing the full intent in the Angels madness strange things had happen before those that were watching. The Chalice selected the angel gripping it within his hands twisting his mind, as he drank from the holy liquids the Gods condemned the angel into damnation, and tossed out the angels that joined Ramfiaus in his boastful approach. Gin'bo had smiled, he would support this brave Angel from behind the curtain scenes. With the Chalice he made the Chaos Dragons, then the Dragon-Kids and Napishtim with the Angels help. It took another hundred years, the Gods soon turned their eyes and saw beasts upon their new was alive with sentient beings of great might. Upon seeing the Dragons the Gods decided it was their right and forced a law upon them.(See the making of the Dragons and HERE).

As the Angel was consumed by madness his once glorious wings slowly vanished, he became more and more human but still had celestial blood in him, with another wicked play from within him the Angel became his own deity and created six beautiful women. Stealing the ideas from the Goddesses Melfian Luminiae and Leeya the Lady of Birth he made man in a crude way along with the help from Gin'bo of course..they had created the Dark Dragon kids and the Napistim by breeding with the six women and using the liquids of Creation to spawn The First man. There was a malfunction and even today some humans may be born with celestial or fiendish blood out of a fluke, of course there is another percent that a celestial or infernal would breed with a human creating aasimar or demonic blooded children.

Of the Creation of Shinma Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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Of the Creation of Shinma
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