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 The Grande Desert

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The Grande Desert Empty
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The Grande Desert Granddesert

The Grand desert is the biggest desert located in the middle of Shinma, there are creatures the size of two skyscrapers that wander around, some hostile some used as a living fortress where there was once reported a giant turtle that carried a city upon its back. Shirza ka is located just on the western tip of the desert where it can easily travel from Tohoku for trading. Ancient dragons are also spotted here from time to time, what they do is uncertain.

Pyramids and old ruins are ideal for curious adventures finding lost artifacts from ancient times or just there to discover unfounded knowledge seeking to be sought!

Creatures that can take the scourging hot climates are mostly the grand Sslikes, they odly serve for a good meal..if slayed as their scales are tough as steel and can crush a group of people with one stomp. Not many mammals often travel through the desert, camels are idle for travel for their long water supply which oasis can be spotted in certain areas if not fooled by mirages that is.

Area in Square Miles


The giant turtle
The Grande Desert Giantturtle

The Grande Desert Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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The Grande Desert
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