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 Duel Wielding

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Dual Wielding

The rules for Dual Wielding are as follows:
You can make two attacks per round if choosing to attack with a normal melee attack,
Also, the damage values are different according to the scale:

Level 1-9: 1d2/1d2
Level 10-19: 1d4/1d2
Level 20-29: 1d4/1d4
Level 30-39: 1d8/1d6
Level 40: 1d10/1d8

Only Dex stat can be rolled for dual wield.
Damage from Second Attack is non crittable.
Second Attack has a -2 to the roll after innate attack bonus is applied.
Innate Damage can only be added once to total
Str bonus dmg is never added.
Techs can only be used on the First roll.

Dual Wielding Innate Abilities

When Dual Wielding weapons that provide separate powers and skills, bonuses to damage only apply to the weapon in question unless otherwise stated.

Bonuses to Attack or Defense are most commonly universal to all actions performed by the Dual Wielder, regardless of which weapon is being used.

Consider: A Dual Wielder might gain +2 Attack which applies to all attacks because it's the wielder that's being enhanced. However, only one weapon does added fire damage, because only one weapon is on fire.

How Do I Get a Dual Wielder?

Bear in mind that Dual Wielding requires DM Approval prior to use, and usually in the form of a Special Character Concept.

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Duel Wielding
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