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 Population and Playtimes.

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Mr Host tart~

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PostSubject: Population and Playtimes.   2011-05-11, 9:05 pm

The population has drooppped. So, while I'd rather not walk the line of management(nor am I going to, that's scorchys deal there.) I feel obligated to post this...

I won't host a server that is inactive, I can't afford to. I hope you all understand that. That said, I don't -want- to see it so inactive, so let's see
who all's here, ready, and willing to log in and play. As well as general times when people are available.(Most importantly DMs! I am -not- a DM, just the host.) I know we had the "still here" topic, but I'd rather this one not be buried in off-topic stuff and such. Relevant posts only please.

As for me, I'll probably be around most of this week. Next week may be trouble, but we'll see. My free time fluctuates so it's impossible to give
exact...stuff. Rest assured however, I'm likely watching who's online.

Also the server will be under a new ip obviously, so you'll have to re add it to your favorites or whatever-such. the module name is now

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le Pill0w of Fate tart~

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PostSubject: Re: Population and Playtimes.   2011-05-11, 9:19 pm

I'm still here, i'm mostly handling server stuff and going through races and other things i might change over time(mostly mine or those that sent in some) i'll be ingame as soon as my module work comes to a end and fix other updates later on.

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PostSubject: Re: Population and Playtimes.   2011-05-12, 6:47 am

Life is getting slightly busy for me, but I'll try to get on when I don't have anything going on. Though, weekends are mostly packed for a while due to work and such.

Thing that Goes 'Bawk' in the Night
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PostSubject: Re: Population and Playtimes.   2011-05-12, 9:10 am

Times vary for me a lot, but the majority of my time spend online is between 8 PM and 1 AM GMT+1. The major factor for my activity on a short basis is whether a friend is still coming over this weekend though. Laptop with NWN on it is busted (again), so I need to reinstall Windows.
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PostSubject: Re: Population and Playtimes.   2011-05-12, 11:58 am

with school done now my hours will be more random than before, this saturday and, probably, most of sunday I won't be on or reachable

Undecided (Main)
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PostSubject: Re: Population and Playtimes.   2011-05-12, 8:10 pm

My hours are sporadic, but here is the general idea.

Monday-Friday: 12 p.m. central - 12 a.m. central
Saturday-Sunday: I am mostly with family so I may or may not be able to get on.
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PostSubject: Re: Population and Playtimes.   2011-05-15, 10:36 am

dealing with alot of crap both rl and some online drama, will be on more often as things settle down, once i am back on it can be anywhere from 6am to 12pm, if someone is on at least and provided nothing important is going on

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PostSubject: Re: Population and Playtimes.   

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Population and Playtimes.
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