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 canonical "lore"/and forum history

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PostSubject: canonical "lore"/and forum history   canonical "lore"/and forum history Empty2011-05-10, 4:23 am

Many people are scratching their heads of what Shinma is all about, since I've neglected to put such up I'm typing everything up in due time as we wait for a new hoster. And I'm making a blog so when i get old i can actually look back and remember stuff Razz

(Will clean up ramblings)

The History of Shinma/forums

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Scorchys, Scorchys loved video games, namely RPGs, and with that came the frustration that hearing about and finding these games were difficult. She stumbled upon an ad for Breath of Fire (GamePro), which featured someone akin to Conan and some haughty looking wenches in the background. Curious, she had played this game at her friends house one day and many years later she found this Breath of Fire at her local Gamestop store as she asked the clerk, and lo and behold he had it in stock! Along with the game Secret of mana she had heard of and longed to own such, so she harassed her Grandma to buy a 100 dollar game.

After playing Breath of Fire, she played through and her initial reaction was: "Hey, this doesn't look like the dude on the front. He's cooler looking" as she browsed through the instruction manual. She was fascinated by the game and the blue haired, silent Hero enough to have her play the second game. From there, she was hooked and by the time the internet rolled around, she was collecting her information.

Scorchys grew frustrated she couldn't show her world of love of fantasy ideas so she made her own personal forums (there was a one before this but later deleted). Scorchys was a inspired writer during her times around the age of 9! She had a very broad vision that one day she would publish her books after getting the inspiration of these RPG's.

Scorchys was born in the year 1987, a great time where all the old classic games were actually fun even though some lacked any stories what so ever but were still fun like Mario and the old NES and SNES games and ect.

When did you start writing?

No clue really, i have lapse memory and i can only tell around the 90s(I go by video game dates) the time when i knew about Secret of Mana, Escaflowne, Breath of Fire,LOADED, and Fire Emblem. Yes i have my books besides me but i have crap date sets, some around 1996-2005. I can only tell my first book was created when i was at least 9 or 13.

Book list by memory:
Main Story:
Randi and Sara (Never gave it a title yet)

INCOMPLETE Dragon-kid Sagas:
These books became branches from the main story and were all scattered and never completed, some lasting up to 900 pages some ending in a 100. They were all about the Dragon-Kid race and their standing in the world(s) i created. The main villain through them all was Ryo, he was called the Dragon of Destruction, yes a very cheesy name i had back then, now that i look at it all my stuff was pretty cheesy but interesting storylines.
Draconic-book one
Draconian-book two
Dragon Star-book 3

Thank you to everyone who makes Shinma possible!

Big thanks to the following: Soul, Foxy, Grim, Seo <3, TJ, Kallis Team, and EVERYONE who has joined recently and for those who have contributed in the past! You guys truly helped make this site and even if you do not contribute again in the future, I appreciate everything that has been done to get us to this point.

Now with that out of the way here's some tid bits about Shinma that's half canonical to any of my books.

What is Shinma?

Shinma is a fictional world based on my books all combined into this NWN server. The world of Shinma was going to be one of my new series until i decided to make a game out of it. That is when NWN came out and soon became extremely lazy to write anymore and was addicted to MMOs, yay go me! Shinma is called Gaea or Gaia meaning Earth. It's a fairly large world consist of monsters large enough to crush the five largest cities. New and old races are adapted in this world setting.
Theere are two moons, one of them are not visible until the every 13th day of two months, the time is just like real world but changed a bit here for easy gameplay. Like every fantasy setting, Dragons are either feared or loved, with them in this setting they are called third God Tier, meaning they are just below the Gods-Minor/lesser Gods and were placed uniquely about by the Gods to do their bidding until they were put to sleep and the birth of a new era would spring of Dragon Hunters and lesser dragons to actually be killed without screwing up the world.

Dragon-Kids were toned down(And edited) in this setting as some were mostly vicious characters that were not really, lets just say...appropriate here. They remain 0ne third God Tier among the Strong races and are usually focused in staying out in any trouble as they have a very high death sentence and are both sides of humans and Dragon-kids usually meet in biasness, luckily not always such happens and usually a strong union can be made of such.


Ugh this is out of date and i need to work on it more..but for now anyone can pick this up by the DMs..just let me know.

Shinma meaning Demon God hence would sound like the realm of the demons, this name was picked up by the activity of planar demons about in the year 1000 as they tried to take over the lands. No one has heard of the demons since then after a long out war the governments trying to keep everything hush-hush or paying high assassin to put down any word that demons are once again trying to come back.

The land of Tikiran

The small village of Tikiran is quiet peaceful place, farmers go about caring for their stock or other common things like bakery or crafting. The people there are neutral caring nothing of the Arts wanting to have a simple life than dobble with magic, though the kids love it when the local wizard pasts by. The Happy dragon inn is the center place to interact or get information...just not about magic.

About the setting.

The setting is placed on a realm where people are held back from learning the arts some fear it some embrace it. It is up to the players to interact with the world they are the ones that will shape it all with the help of DMs though you don't have to follow the story going your own pace but you might miss out on important things, up to you to join whatever cause goes about.

The story thus far:
Three heroes defeated a shadow dragon that was terrozing the lands there names long past forgotten(actually happen IC). A new rise came about the demons of the abyss stirred and like every Blood War wanted to get the Material Plane involed going about with the war of Demons and Devils and of course the Celestials letting it go about.

Years past the demons no longer came about and went back to the abyss leaving the lands in ruins or corrupting the earthen people. Dragons came about, usually the Reds burning the places and the goodly true dragons stopping all evil at bay with the rare gem dragons staying aloof unaffected by the true dragons war.

A cult that no one knows about, usually ones that wear black and green robes go about testing people or looking for information of planeshifters they are mostly the higher cause of an order(OOC info Lawful evil) though they do not go about killing people in cold blood only if one of the members did something drastic would be punish to the fullest. Ones lucky enough could join their ranks but that is often rare nor anyone daring to do so.

A being appears in the year 1999 trying to destroy the planet, though hidden withing the planet for quite sometime, heros must find a way into the core of the planet and kill the alien sapping the life force of Shinma making it far advance than the races. Supercomputers were found in the dead sea, a sea completely covered in ice surrounding a modern day city with left over functional robots, there they could find all the lore of the Earth along with old artifacts.

(This idea was scrapped because it was too much Chrono Trigger)

canonical "lore"/and forum history Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b

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PostSubject: Re: canonical "lore"/and forum history   canonical "lore"/and forum history Empty2011-05-10, 5:15 pm

Keep it goiong Scorchys! *devours knowledge of Fantasy!*

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PostSubject: Re: canonical "lore"/and forum history   canonical "lore"/and forum history Empty2011-05-22, 11:53 pm

Updated some..yes my ideas all came from games and my books, i'm going to flesh it out soon enough so it doesn't kill people's brains.

canonical "lore"/and forum history Uk_and_moar_by_alikurai-d37356b
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canonical "lore"/and forum history Empty
PostSubject: Re: canonical "lore"/and forum history   canonical "lore"/and forum history Empty

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canonical "lore"/and forum history
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