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PostSubject: Health/Mana-pool   Health/Mana-pool Empty2011-04-26, 3:06 am

-:[Hit Points/Health]:-

Hit-Points, the character's form of endurance to take hits and remain standing until they can't anymore.

Hit-Points are calculated by the Following formula: (Half Level) + (total Constitution with Stat ring and Power Item)

So, a Level 40 with a 47 Con, would Have: 20(Half Level)+47(Total Con)=67 hp total

-:[Mana Points]:-

Mana Points are the user's connection to the Weave and its magical energy, allowing them to fuel magical spells and powers.

Mana Points Points are calculated by the following formula: (Half Level) + (total Charisma with Stat ring Power Item)

Notice: If you feel that your current character's stats gets screwed up by changes you can apply for a character-rebuild from the DM Team. This will most likely cost a sum of tokens, and your character will go through an event to justify the changes.

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PostSubject: Re: Health/Mana-pool   Health/Mana-pool Empty2013-06-17, 11:40 am

Edited the grammar and updated the descriptions a bit.

Feel free to ask me any questions. If any complaints, on anything or anyone, then please PM me.
- Soul
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PostSubject: Re: Health/Mana-pool   Health/Mana-pool Empty2014-04-02, 9:25 pm

This has been changed. Former rule stated HPs was calculated with full levels. It has been changed to half levels. Thank you for your time.

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PostSubject: Re: Health/Mana-pool   Health/Mana-pool Empty

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