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Gisildaigaon Gis
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Terrain: Gisildaigaon is a land which was carefully picked by itís ancestors in order to give it a perfect military advantage. Gisildaigaon is surrounded by mountains and finds itself in the middle around the mountainous area. The beautiful city finds itself on a peak of the middle mountain, which just so happens to also filled with healthy forests. It was said that Gisildaigaon was blessed by the Celtic gods with the land it was given. Not only do the forests have several animals to hunt, but it also grows with several fruits such as berries, herbs for medical treatment, and the forests add to the military protection.

The reason why Gisildaigaon is so impenetrable is exactly for the reasons above. To invade Gisildaigaon one must climb the mountains surrounding it, then once more climb a mountain which it rests on. Archers have the advantage here to shoot down enemies from above. If the already fatigued and injured enemy managed to survive this it would lead them to the Gisildaigaon Forests which their warriors know all too well and can easily ambush their enemies. None have yet been able to siege or invade Gisildaigaon due to their great choice in Terrain.

Population: 150,000.

Sections: There are three sections within Gisildaigaon. The Noble District, Slums, and Merchant District.

The Noble District or the Upper Area, is the considered the most important part of Gisildaigaon. Itís where the Gisildaigaon Castle is located as well as the Noble Ward where the rich and powerful members of Gisildaigaon can be located. The chuch of Memnos can also be found in this district. Because of these important areaís. The Noble District is the most heavily guarded for good reason. The Royal Guard heavily guards the castle and the noble district while the equally trained and diligent Paladins of Memnos guard the Temple area closely. This section is also very beautifully decorated with skyscraper like buildings, several estates, and colored with beautiful exotic flowers and trees. The Noble District is a general breath of fresh air that can only be shared by those who are deserving for it, but calling this place a paradise is a understatement.

Merchant District, can be found in the middle section of Gisildaigaon. Itís where most of the commoners can be found and where they live. But the most important thing about this district is that it stays true to itís name, the Merchant District is where all the Merchants gather to sell their goods. Several stores can be found here where the Celtic Clerks attempt to sell their wares. The Merchant District is by far the most lively and busiest district of them all, as it it open to the general public and thus all sort of different people can be found here from the rich all the way to the poor. The streets are heavily crowded with people during the day as they go about doing their chores and attempt to sell their wares. During the night, the merchant district is usually only busy as people go out to enjoy the night life.

Slums is the very bottom section of Gisildaigaon and is almost hidden, and for good reason too. Many scum live here and itís generally where the poor live. The slums is filled with dangerous folk such as thieves and murders. Itís a place where only the strong survive and the weak tend to become their prey. The only much visited place in the Slums is Madameís Clwnys Brothel where she has collected many men and woman servants across the world. Nobles, commoners, and peasants alike find themselves here in order to ďrelieveĒ themselves of any stress, drink, and use the many services the place has to offer. There is also rumored to be a thieves and assassin guild deep within the slums of Gisildaigaon, but not many dare tread that far within the city.

King Shamus Gisildaigaon:
Queen Donelle Gisildaigaon
Prince Alherdin Gisildaigaon


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