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Aelamvmaal Aelamvmaal

The Wooden lands

Aelamvmaal rests southward from the map, it is one of the most mysterious Elven lands that has been around during the Dawn of Time. The Forest Elves live up on the cliffs or treetops that overlook the grounds below that is shrouded with a misty canyon. To enter the Elven land of Aelamvmaal, most travelers would have to pass the "Shroud Forest" being a misty area that denses lesser beings senses making them end up in dead ends or even worse just "disappear".

Population: 250,000

The Elven have their own sect and do not have fear of magical nature in a sense, it can be deadly force nor would they seek out to harm anymore, they will listen to the laws of the lesser humanoids, grudlyging if so, they respect those who enter their lands and not harm the nature.

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