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 Bo Kung City

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Bo Kung City Bokungcity

Stances on Magic:
“The land of the oriental is full of mystics, ki, and home to martial arts. This land is much different than the main land, having their own philosophy on magic. They encourage one to reach their full potential in the use of magic. People of the main land look upon these orients with odd looks or degrade their way of life; they're just a bunch of oddities to them. Only a small percentage accept each other or the ones on the mainland looking for refuge changing their names or getting married to an Ryujuian.”

Bo Kung City is the home to ancient traditions, passed on from generation to generation. Unlike the world around, the citizens of Bo Kung keep to themselves and usher in an age of philosophy. The lands of Bo Kung are often found in complete symbolism to represent balance in both nature and life. No Kung, for this reason, is often referenced to “The City of Balance”. The appearance to the large, simplistic village is something one would expect of a shogun or dynasty-age oriental city. Shinto gates mark the entrances and exits of the city, as well as the very buildings. Large, wooden-crafted towers provide shelter to many people. The land is kept in its refined, beautiful, natural state, only touched by man-made objects for necessity rather than appearance. Cherry blossom trees and other exotic plants seem to frequent the lands.

The populous of Bo Kung are enriched within the philosophies of their history. They spend their lives honoring the balance and history of their family while continuing the ancient customs of their people. Art and calligraphy is kept as a symbol of their past, recording legends and amazing deeds that can only be described as mythology and of a spiritual nature. Due to this fact, Bo Kung City is said to be one of the closest places a mortal can be to the spirit realm and the ley-lines. This often deters visitors and main-landers from visiting this strange world due to the fears of spirits haunting and possessing the unwary. Ancient gods and powerful spirits are often referred to as deities in these lands, worshiping them to their fullest ability and constructing shrines to honor their very names.

Unlike the rest of Shinma, the inhabitants of Bo Kung do not believe in an all-purpose definition for energy known as “magic”. If they aren’t enshrining the memories of the past with art and writing, the populous enshrines their heritage in the focus of Ki. Ki is the energy of the soul, the land, and the world around them. Warriors trained in the art and understanding of Ki to obtain a balance of strength and wisdom from the spirits whom share their knowledge.

People that live in the mainland often refer the Island of Ryuju as a place of oddity. Many main-landers do not accept the way of balance of Ki, and see Ryujuians as heretics to reality, degrading the very way of life the world around them has striven to achieve. Ryujuians see the outside world as overly-touched by mankind and that the balance of the land has shifted to ruin due to greed and technology. They see those whom do not follow the traditions of old to be heretics of honor.

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Bo Kung City
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