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King Adrian
Queen Nataliya
Princess Kathrine


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Arania is one of the world's four human nations and five sovereign states counting the Elven lands of Aelamvmaal. It is an absolute monarchy led by the King. Geographically, the nation is located in the western hemisphere, east of Toku. The Grandia river runs through the land. Its capital is simply known as Arania. Arania is also home to the prestigious Arania Academy, a school for Magi.

Arania is the largest nation in terms of population and area. Arania's economy is one of the most powerful in the world, its strong industrial sector and extensive technological developments not only enabled the nation to create an extremely powerful military, but also allowed for the creation of the Airship. However other then military applications, the only others whom have access to Airships are the loyal elite of Aranian nobility.


Government system: Autocracy

Head of state: King Adrian

Religious authority: High Priest of Arania

Arania is ruled with a stern and almost terrifying manner by the latest in a long line of powerful Kings. The Aranian political system is despotist autocracy that the stated goal of which is to create a planet-wide empire. In line with the Arania's militaristic culture, it is customary for royalty and politicians to demonstrate their strength and capability to the nation by engaging in duels. These fights are often held for military or political purposes, such as determining who was most suited to be a government official, and would garner fame for the victor.


In compliance with its effort to grow and conquer, Arania is heavily engaged in industrial production. The country's economy is dominated by shipbuilding, metalworking, and manufacturing weapons such as arrows, spears, shields, swords, and knives. Its comprehensive knowledge of combustion allowed them to develop several Industrial-Age technologies including advanced metallurgy, rudimentary explosives like blasting jelly, sophisticated catapults, siege equipment, coal-powered ironclad warships and finally airships.  


Arania has a formal education system that aims to instill loyalty in its students through political indoctrination, strict discipline, and nationalist teachings. Students in certain schools begin the educational process as soon as they begin to show aptitude in magic, or for non-magi, as soon as they begin walking. Subjects including history, music, etiquette, warfare, and magic are taught to the students by various teachers. However, the educational system primarily works as a "mind-molding" process, influencing students to develop a strong sense of nationality and loyalty to the King. Teachers maintain rigid order and withhold teaching students most forms of self-expression. In addition, censorship and propaganda is used in history books.

General opinion of the world

Arainia's worldview upholds that only unity, centralism and strict order can ensure stability and prosperity. This does not include restricting freedom and creativity, as these aspects of personal expression are critical to societal development and harmony; however, children do not gain this freedom until they have been taught how to serve the King and improve the Nation with their actions, and the honor it brings them.

This caused a cult of personality to build up around the King, military, and aristocracy, who are seen as messengers that could bring the beauty and glory of Aranian culture to other lands.  According to this belief, the Aranian Royal Palace is the center of the world, and the further away a place is from the palace, the lower its inhabitants in regard of social status and capabilities. It is common to keep pictures of the King clearly visible in schools and public buildings, while massive statues are often erected in honor of the ruler. This is accompanied by strong glorification, although the monarchs are still regarded as humans.


Aranian society places a great emphasis on respect and honor, especially toward the nobility and elders. Should one be honored enough to be in the presence of a member of the Royal Family, that person needs to conduct themselves with respect or risk being challenged to avenge the disrespected Royal's honor. Upon coming into contact with an elder or superior, it is polite to bow.

Arania is a cityscape surrounded by rivers being the most beautiful water city about hills and plains. Being the third largest city, this area is the first to conduct "airships' though rather expensive only the nobles. As eye seeing as this city is, it is controlled by an iron fist by the current King and comes off as a more Lawful Evil territory and Arania holds more guards than Gisildaigaon the two nations headbutting towards war and demanding more lands.

Places of interest

Merchant Central
Airship docks

Population: 750,000.

Stances on Magic

Is a grand water city between Gisildaigaon and Tohoku. This city has the most acceptable Academy of magic ready for those who seek to expend on their knowledge. Parents from neighboring lands have been known to place their child here for a fee and for the safety of their child from the world around them.

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