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Shirza-Ka Shirza-Ka

.:Hierarchy & Family Structure:.

The Shiraz-Ka is a patriarchal society, meaning that the men are above women. There is no gender equality, and women are expected to be subservient to men. Women do possess power over the household though when it comes to financial affairs, home decoration and passing on the culture of their people to the children. One of the few rights a woman has is to education, they receive the same quality that men do, but are separate from the men.

The eldest male of the family leads the household, and makes the rules and decisions for the rest. All younger males are expected to listen to the head of their family, without question. The eldest female of the family is to handle the finances and cooking, while the younger women clean and watch the children. All family fortune and responsibility falls on the living eldest son, and if he manages the family poorly, it reflects poorly on the whole household in the community. Any rebellion within the family unit reflects poorly upon them as a whole in the eyes of the community, because it means that the head of the family is weak. The young must respect their elders, and children obey their parents.

Hierarchy Within Family Unit

  • Grandfather-Jaddi
  • Grandmother-Jadda
  • Father-Ad
  • Mother-Um
  • Eldest Son-Awwal Ibn
  • Any Son After-Akhir Ibn
  • Eldest Daught-Awwal Bint
  • Any Daughter After-Akhir Bint

Hierarchy Within Community

  • Military Leader=Tarek-Ka | Head Justice=Sedik-Ka | Religious Leader=Tahar-Ka | Head of Commerce=Rabah-Ka
  • Priests - Kahin
  • Merchant Family - Al-Tujjar
  • Soldier - Jundi
  • Guard- Muhafaz
  • Commoner - Faqir
  • Foreigners - Al-Wafedeen

.:Culture, Custom & Punishment:.

”Respect Thy Elders”
To the people of Shirza-Ka, it is important for one to respect their elders. The young are to heed the words of the old and to aid them whenever possible. To not do so is punishable by public humiliation. It is believed that those who have lived a long life have done so for a reason and are there to guide the younger generation. To be of old age is a status symbol in itself, and one that is fraught with perils by desert life.

”Dost Thou Steal From Me?!”
Theft within the Shirza-Ka is handled quite simply…you remove the offending member. I wouldn’t wonder what you get for murder!

”Stay Thy Tongue Woman”
Due to the Shirza-Ka being a patriarchal society, women are expected to know their place. They are to only speak when spoken to, when men are around, and to be dressed decently. They are to show respect to men, and be courteous. The only exception to this rule would be old women, but they are supposed to still show a man some measure of respect. Any woman, who violates this law, brings shame to her family and is subject to stoning.

”Head of House Knows What's Best”
The head of any families household's word is law, and you had better get used to it. Insolence is punished on an in-house matter, the only thing the head of household is accountable before the Head Judge, is his reasoning behind why he did it. Interfering with another family’s matters are punishable by excommunication from the community, unless there is good reason to, the only of which being murder.

”Art Thou Dining At The Same Table As The!?”
Women are not allowed to eat in the same room as men. They are supposed to dine elsewhere…like behind a curtain! The table is for men and man talk, which shouldn’t be sullied by a females presence. Discuss important matters with your family member in private! The punishment usually ends up being decided by the head of the household.

”Aren’t I A Tad Young?”
The answer is no…the legal age for marriage for the Shiraz-Ka is sixteen years old. It allows for political alliances between families, and ensures a continuation of the bloodline. Life in the desert is harsh, with few rarely making it past the age of thirty-eight. So, put on you big kids shoes and learn to adjust to the life that is pushed upon you, for you aren’t the only one robbed of their childhood, be glad you aren’t a boy!

”We Don’t Want To Go To War...But The Whip Master says Nay!”
It is customary for all males of age thirteen to be trained in the ways of the sword. No one is above this law, not even those with money or power. If you live in Shirza-Ka and are of age you are conscripted to train in one of the many military camps, until you reach the age of eighteen years old, upon which you will either become a guard or serve in the main army for two years. That isn’t to say that the Shirza-Ka are cruel, because they are not, they allow you to spend a fortnight, every quarter with your family, so that you may handle family matters. Those who run away from their mandatory military duty, are forced to fight no less than three men in separate duels with nothing but a staff, while their foe has steel. All of this is done to regain their honor and their families, whether they live or not.
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