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 Choices of Friendship ... And Love [Open to All for RP! ^^]

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PostSubject: Choices of Friendship ... And Love [Open to All for RP! ^^]   2011-04-04, 1:15 pm

Kiro sat back on the Cushions in the Inn puffing on his Pipe quietly, adjusting the bandages and sticks that cover him as he eyes them quietly. He sighed a bit as he crossed his arms under his chest puffing away, his whiskey next to him as he crossed his finger’s as he thought to himself. He sighed, remembering Silvara shoving candy in his mouth after being such a B---- to him before … she confused him, he wouldn’t mind befriend her … she seemed as if she was trying to hide some inner sorrow, he couldn’t help but think she was hurting far more then she put off from her ‘Mates’ Death, and having been through that … he would like to try and help the poor Fox-Girl … if only she’d –let- him. He Sighed, and his thoughts drifted to Jeras, he at least was an alright, and he was a fun fight and teacher to top it off, he wanted to surpass him for certain … if he ever could. Then there were the other’s whom he had met but not really talked too … So far however the most progress he made had been with Teresse … She had even had dinner and allowed him a hug, and –almost- a kiss on the cheek … if eh kept trying maybe he could comfort her and earn her trust as well.

But … did he truly trust himself to have friends … family … loved ones again? … Could he be strong enough to protect them this time …? He wasn’t sure. He sighed again and rubbed the back of his head gazing quietly at the ground, oblivious to all around him.
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PostSubject: Re: Choices of Friendship ... And Love [Open to All for RP! ^^]   2011-04-08, 10:30 pm

As usual, Llew sat alone in the corner back end of the bar ignoring the annoying drunkards..seemingly spaced out for a long while. Glyphs had slowly etched a circle around her pupils her powers seemingly slowly taking effect as well. She lets out a sigh and rubs the back of her head coming out of her daze and notices the cold tea on the table cursng in her language she would take a sip downing it all in one gulp. "Bloody 'ell the tea 'ere taste like shat." she would grimace at the taste of the tea and grumble.
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PostSubject: Re: Choices of Friendship ... And Love [Open to All for RP! ^^]   2012-03-10, 9:25 am

A lone swordsman walked into the tavern, his black hair covering his sky blue eyes as he looked around. His armor seemed well taken cared of save for a few deep slashes that he pry wasn't able to pay for repairs on. The young man's face seemed weather worn and held the a heavy weight on it as he walked.

Ordering some whiskey, he sits at the bar away from everyone he could possibly be away from. His head hung as the sword at his hip seemed to show where he came from better than the rest of his clothing. A hand rested on the hilt of the blade as if to keep it in it's sheath, though it was already peace tied to it.

The world isn't easy, nor is it sane. I just embody how insane the world has become.

Timothy, LVL 20 (19 fighter, 1 paladin) RP Class swordsman.
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PostSubject: Re: Choices of Friendship ... And Love [Open to All for RP! ^^]   

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Choices of Friendship ... And Love [Open to All for RP! ^^]
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