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 Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive)

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PostSubject: Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive)   Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive) Empty2011-03-31, 2:38 pm

In effect now

Semi-DM approved..needs to make sense on your character, else all monk classes will be removed if not taken properly in Special concept characters. No free levels, they must start as level one and advance on towards a NPC where it will check for a token on you to go to starting monk lands. Some monks need a trainer to advance in later levels and techniques, else if you want to play a wandering monk you better have a good reason how he/she can advance without a master and making your own techz.

[Special]: All the abilities in the "Martial Arts" tree is counted as basic-abilities in
terms of learning.

These are for Human Blooded only (A.I subraces and monsters will not be able to learn these.)
DF powers:


Martial Arts LVL 1-Palm thrust

[RP]The user concentrates his ki and thrusts his palm forward, sending out a small wave of energy when contacted against the target sending them back with a hard push.

[DF]+1d6 damage to a single attack.

Martial Arts LVL 2 - Kuikkuatakku (quick-attack)

The user quickly blasts forwards at an enhanced movement pace sending twin-fists aimed forwards at a victim in an extra fast attack rate, this move pretty much sacrifices power for speed and accuracy more or less as one cannot pack as much power into the punches punching at this rate, this technique at usage forces a small amount of adrenaline into the users body to be able to strike twice at the time where most people would have stricken once.

[DF] 2 attacks, can crit
1d6 damage each with a +1 to hitting STR bonus and innate bonuses are added to total damage.

Martial Arts LVL 3 - Ni-jū no pāmusurasuto (twofold palm thrust)

The user bends forwards lightly, thrusting both his/her palms forwards symetricaly with reiatsu enfused into the surface of his/her palms to send a forcefull attack forwards aimed at the opponents ribcage at the sides aiming for the lunges to send the opponent gasping for air or even flying should one hit well enough, this technique however can be proven quite difficult to hit with as the bending of the back to add more force to the palm-thrust can make balancing harder.

[DF]: Deals base 3d6 damage done at a -2 to attacking, cannot crit.
Martial Arts LVL 4 - Sākurukikku (circle-kick)

A technique where one launches a succession of high kicks and low kicks in a spin-kick manner. Firstly, the opponent's evasion margin is restrained upon seeing the high kick, thus augmenting the chances for the low kick to hit the mark. So originally the high kick is little more than a feint.

[DF]: +2 to hitting and upon hitting deals a +2d4+1 extra damage.
Martial Arts LVL 5 - Ryuusei-Shuku (Meteor Kick)

This technique has long been preserved and held by only true masters of the martial arts. The inspiration for the technique was a Monkish master was out doing his daily kata exercises, when a meteor fell from the sky. The monk watched this meteor fall, and slam into the Earth. What this monk did was he leaped into the air, focusing his Ki into his foot, he fell quickly back down to the Earth, as he lands the earth below his foot crumble from the force.

[DF]: This technique deals 2d10+5 damage. Strength and Innates to damage are added. On a crit only the first 1d10 is doubled.

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PostSubject: Re: Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive)   Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive) Empty2011-03-31, 2:43 pm


LVL 1: Kōsoku rōru (quick-roll)

[Type]: Defensive Melee, Unarmed/Weapon
[Description]: The user rolls forwards quickly, letting their
shoulder touch the ground firstly of all body-parts as they roll, bending their head to the side to avoid connection with the ground and through that head-injuries, this is without no doubt the most overly-nagged trick in the martial-arts, and allows a person to even from running from full speed to be able to roll around without taking a major beating, at times the users legs are used to propel the user with improved speed forwards.

[DF-Effect]: Provides a +2 to dodge/block maneuvers.
[Special]: User may pay +2 more RP to grant it an additional +1 defensive-roll, and if it is paid and the user successfully avoids the attack aimed at him/her their following offensive action has a +1 to hitting or damage.

Martial Arts LVL 2: Daradara-Kawa Kaunta (Flowing River Counter)

Throughout Martial arts history, many people have been trained to be like a flowing river. On the outside, it seems calm, soothing, but if you interfere, and you aren't sure-footed, it will drag you away, and punish you. Taking this concept, When the user is attacked, he or she flows around the attack, or even pushing it aside, at the moment of imbalance caused from the attacker's missed attack, the user takes this chance to sweep their attacker away, by throwing the attacker through the air and onto their back.

[DF]:On a successful block/dodge, the user gains a counter attack that deals 1d4+str. Nothing else added. If used more than once in a single round, the user loses their next offensive action. Cannot be used with any other technique.

LVL 3: San Fīto kaihi kōdō (three foot evasive action)

[Type]: Defensive Melee, Unarmed/Weapon
[Description]: In three quickly turned footsteps the user has learned to quickly step around their opponent in an to end up at their side or at their back in an evasive manner, this is usually followed up with an attack of opportunity at the open opponent's side, this technique is used as a basic in most martial arts and is together with the "Kōsoku rōru" one of the most raggedly trained moves in the martial arts.

[DF-Effect]: Provides a +2 to dodge/block maneuver on success the users following
offensive melee-attack strike has a +2 to hitting and damage.

LVL 4: Chūgaeri (somersault)

[Type]: Defensive Melee, Unarmed/Weapon
[Description]: The user preforms a somersault is an acrobatic exercise in which a person does a full 360 degree flip, moving the feet over the head. A somersault can be performed either forwards, backwards, or sideways and can be executed in the air or on the ground, this is mostly used as a evasive-maneuver against

low-aimed sweeping attacks, or attacks aimed at one in aerial to be able to avoid said easier, and in a stylish manner.
[DF-Effect]: Upon defensive-failure can be activated to enable the user to re-roll.
(limited to one try per incoming attack, 2 round cooldown after use)

LVL 5: Hansha sutansu (reflective stance)

[Type]: Defensive Melee, Unarmed/Weapon
[Description]: The user concentrates to an extreme-amount drawing lines in the ground leg-length in front of him/herself these lines are later on user as a calculation of timing and when to strike, this technique utilizes perfect concentration and control to be able to completely deflect away all attacks aimed at the user, by flowing an extreme amount of mana into his/her hands the user is able to oppose the mana-flow int the opponents attacks thusly deflecting them away from the user itself in a inhumanly defensive manner, as this technique requires an abnormally high level of concentration the user is unable to move from their spot as they control the flow of mana in their body.

[DF-Effect]: For the 2 following rounds the user is unable to attack-dirrectly,
the user will however at any energy-attack directed at him/her be able to roll
their against the incoming attack roll of the energy attack,
on sucess you avoid the attack and roll a 1d4 upon roll of 4 the energy-attack is
deflected back at the opponent using the attackers original roll and whatever bonuses that
was applied to the attack, the user also has a +4 to defensive manuevers in-general
and upon avoiding attack of a melee strike the user does a counter-attack-attempt
that upon hitting deals 1d6+2++Melee-Damage Innates to the attacker.

You are but a fledgling monk, studying the ways towards Enlightenment. You start as basic gear in your travels under your belt whether or not you follow the path towards the closed fist or open hand, you are constantly challenged by the world or center yourself in the gray matter knowing the right or wrong or not involving yourself.

At this stage you might have created your own stances or trained by your Master, able to control your Ki at a better stage and utilize it into physical form against your foes.
You have been training for months or years by now, you are able to create and expand your powers and continue down your path. With the knowldge you've gained your wnlighten path might be coming nearer, you've studied much of the world lore around you and still have resisted the temptations of sins and off worldy nature.
You have come far, you've reached your enlighten path and your powers able you to unlock the most forbidden techniques the Master monks know, or..deep within you. With this great stage many will come up to you for wise answers..or fear you.

Monk Orders

Iron fist(Might change)
Lawful evil monks
Located in Bo Kung city

Temple of Soul hidden
Located at beginner stage-Island Ryuju
Master Kotetsu Gouken

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le Pill0w of Fate tart~

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PostSubject: Forbidden   Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive) Empty2011-03-31, 2:49 pm

Forbidden Concept

Thousand year stance

RP:You've got all the knowledge under your belt now, able to truly unlock the Forbidden powers beyond Monk training. With this set of newfound abilities your stances become much more powerful, As a evil monk you can draw life forces around you to refill your chi...or you can be the monk who can slowly channel Ki from other good sources.

PVP: You gain 3 Ki(mana) back every 3 rounds(If you have regan power you only add 1+ to this, cannot be stacked), attack offense/defense raises to 12+(cannot be stacked) you also gain the powers below.

Eternal (DM Approved)
Starting Level: 30
RP Restriction:
- Neutral Alignment,
- Cannot PvP unless attacked.
- Must know the world lore.
- At least half a year of active playing.
Class Restriction:
- Must be Pure Class
Lore Restriction:
- Must be Wizard, Cleric, Monk, Druid
Resistant: Mind-Affecting Spells +3
Resistant: Death Magic+3
Immunity: Sneak Attack(PVP effect)
True Seeing
Immortal:Cannot be perma-deathed(Unless under special cases or the Team feels you abusing the concept), can fight down till minus 10 with no penalties.
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Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive)   Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive) Empty

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Monk Techs (Offense/Defensive)
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