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 MCS (Main Character Syndrome)

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MCS (Main Character Syndrome) Empty
PostSubject: MCS (Main Character Syndrome)   MCS (Main Character Syndrome) Empty2011-03-03, 1:36 pm

Quote :
Main Character Syndrome(MCS), is when a player will attempt to take the lead in any situation, to be the "star". Allowing nothing bad to happen to their character, as well as having everything go their characters way and can still walk after being smashed by a dragon 29+ times, or some such. Also known as God-Modding. These kinds of players ruin the RP of others. Normally, they tend to whine when something does not go their way. Tend to rage-quit as well.

- Three warnings from the Team on such behavior, an explanation being given as to evidence suggesting a diagnoses of MCS.
- Levels and Tokens being docked, with Shinma Team Approval.
- Barred from gaining powers.
- Perma-Death with no token refund, if one's act does not clean up.

Depending on how the situations are handled, a player could potentially be banned.
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MCS (Main Character Syndrome)
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