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 Dicefighting Basics:

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PostSubject: Dicefighting Basics:   Dicefighting Basics: Empty2011-02-16, 3:49 pm

To dicefight you use the dicebag held in the bag of all players and NPC characters. You both roll, and emote via typing what your character does. An Example would be for Initiation:
Strength User: "He slips into a defensive stance, as he is not very fast. The stance, however, does allow him to gain reach on her."
The Speed User: "She suddenly dances forward, spinning quickly to position herself right behind him for the offensive."

Beginning/Escaping a Fight:

Both players must approve of the battle, if both characters approve, then the battle begins by rolling Initiation. This is made by both rolling Dexterity and adding their level to the total roll (example: a level 10 rolls 15 on his DEX roll. His initiative is now 15 (roll) + 10 (level) =25). Whoever has the highest total wins the Initiation roll, and Goes First.
Escaping from a battle is a simple thing, you simply roll Dexterity against anyone who wants to stop you and he rolls Dexterity too like a normal attack, if you win then you escape, if you donít you lose your turn and are still in combat.

Melee and Physical Combat:

This is the simplest form of Combat perhaps, but not always. Now, to perform physical combat you simply roll your highest of the two physical stats, Str or Dex. Dexterity is speed, dodging, parrying and fancy footwork in a form. Strength is brute force, complete blocks, and being a standard powerhouse. Now, to attack your opponent you simply emote your physical attack and then roll Dex or Str, always adding your level and then and other bonuses you may have. (See in other Area's.) To defend physically is basically the same, you emote your dodge or defensive move, and then roll.

Magic Rules:

To use magic is allot like physical combat, but far more variety is placed in such. Your character must know and learn the spells first, and each spell has different laws, rules and damage. however, it is always an Wisdom or Intelligence roll. Actual NWN spells have no effect here, except for Killing NPC spawns and Monsters. Fighting with spells is ALWAYS Intelligence or Wisdom Only, if you want to use Charisma for casting, then you have to get special Administrator permission. All Spells are only Critable Minorly, On Crit they do x2 the User's Int/Wis Bonus Damage, and Unblockable. You can Block a Spell with another Spell by Negating. When they do this, the defender has to beat the attackers INT/WIS roll, on success of the defender they both roll damage and the one with the highest damage deals said damage minus the damage of the opponent.
Example: Mage A Casts Fireball which has a Damage Roll of 1d8+2, He Rolls Intelligence and has a Base Intelligence of 28, His Power Grants him a +2 to Magical Attacks Damage Rolls. Now, Mage 2 Decides to try and negate it, and Casts a Lightning bolt with a Damage Roll of 2d4+2 Damage, He Beats the attacker's Int roll with his Own Wisdom Roll, and has a Base Wisdom of 22. They both now Roll Damage, Mage A Rolls 4(1d8)+2(Bonus)+3(Int Bonus)+2(Power Bonus)=11 Total Damage, the Mage 2 rolls Damage 2(2d4)+2(Bonus)+2(Wis Bonus)=6 Total Damage. So, 11-6= 5 Damage, so Mage 2 Takes 5 Damage from what is left of the Damage Impact.
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PostSubject: Re: Dicefighting Basics:   Dicefighting Basics: Empty2011-10-06, 12:36 pm

Adding onto this:

Techniques can only be used once per turn. Activated abilities given on powers, can only be used once per turn. You can't combine abilities with techniques, because it makes things OP'd. You have to choose between one or the other.

Powers that have on passive additional damage, have to be emoted properly if you want that damage applied. Remember, one isn't really supposed to reveal that they are different from the normal population. Outside of civilization, fighting for your life then feel free to use your abilities with proper emotes.

I.E.) Player was approved with a passive ability that grants +2 lightning damage on melee attacks, because it fit his powers. He is fighting someone, and wants to apply his lightning damage. If he doesn't emote properly he can't apply it, so each time he decides to use that passive ability he emotes that there are sparks that surround his weapon, before he/she strikes their opponent. This must be done before any attack roll.
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PostSubject: Re: Dicefighting Basics:   Dicefighting Basics: Empty2012-01-24, 12:55 pm

Adding: Base Damage Ranks

- Level 1-10: Physical Damage Roll of 1d4
- Level 11-20: Physical Damage Roll of 1d6
- Level 21-30: Physical Damage Roll of 1d8
- Level 31-40: Physical Damage Roll of 1d10

Edit if changed.

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PostSubject: Re: Dicefighting Basics:   Dicefighting Basics: Empty

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Dicefighting Basics:
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