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 !! Technique/Spell Contest !!

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!! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty
PostSubject: !! Technique/Spell Contest !!   !! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty2011-02-13, 5:05 pm

So ... Im sitting here making -all- of these damn Techniques and running out of Idea's. So. This is what Im doing, throwing up a Contest for DM's and Player's alike. This Contest will End on 2/23/2011, However Techniques will be Chosen Before Then, Winner's will be Posted here on the 23. ^_^


- Must be a Max of 4 Techniques per Player
- All Techniques Must Follow the Format Below
- All Techniques Must be of the Four Options, Unarmed, Weapon, Offensive Magic, or Defensive Magic
- Character MUST have the Stats/Levels Required for the Techniques to be Auto-Learned
- If you have Techniques Offered that your character Cannot Auto-Learn, Then you May Auto-Learn a Base Technique We already Offer Instead.


- All Participants are Rewarded 4 DM Pawz Tokens
- Side Note: I will Add in all Techniques/Spells I like, But the ones I -really- like will be rewarded the first, second and third places. [Foxy will help me out on nerfing/balancing the techniques I choose.]


- First Place: Your Character Auto-Learns all of your Offered Techniques [Remember, 4 is Max], and +3 Pawz Tokens
- Second Place: Your Character Auto-Learns 1/2 [Rounded Up] of your Offered Techniques [Remember, 4 is Max], and +2 Pawz Tokens
- Third Place: Your Character Auto-Learns 1/2 [Rounded Down] of your Offered Techniques [Remember, 4 is Max], and +1 Pawz Tokens


DF Effect:

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!! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: !! Technique/Spell Contest !!   !! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty2011-02-13, 10:12 pm

For Server Use, Not For Contest:

Swampland Rising
Rank 3
RP : The user focus's their mana into the ground around them, moistening it, and making the plantlife around rot, mixing with water, eventually forming a dark, dank area of swampland around the user.
DF : Makes it possible to use Swampland Techniques without being in a natural swamp for the remainder of the battle.

Swamp Smack
Rank 1
Magic (Offensive)
RP : The user makes the swamp water leap up and smack around the users target.
DF : 1d6+1 dmg.

Swamps Fury
Rank 5
Magic (offensive)
RP : The swamp rears around the offender, and thrashes about, tossing the offender around like a rag doll, smashing into any solid, or non solid object while still maintaining its hold upon the target, till they become no more than mush that joins with the swamp.
DF : 2d10+10 dmg.

Swamp Swarms
Rank 2
Magic (offensive)
RP : The user summons forth the wild insects of the swamplands, and urges them to swarm their enemy.
DF : for 1d4+1 rounds, bugs swarm over a single enemy, dealing 1d4 dmg each round ignoring 1 DR.

Stumbling Stance
Rank 2-3
Unarmed Fighting Style
RP : From any postition that is not standing(sitting, laying, squating, ect), the user leaps up,stumbling on their feet almost uncontrolably, as they weave and zig zag about.
DF : 3 MP to initial, 1 to maintain, grants +2 to DEX rolls while active.

Flailing Fist
Rank 2
Unarmed Fighting Style
RP : as the user weaves and stumbles about, seemingly offbalance, they zig zag randomly towards their target and make a seemingly off target attack, and while they are distracted, makes a real attack and catches them offguard.
DF : Rank dmg+1d6 dmg.

Rank 1
Unarmed Fighting Style
RP : When they are about to get hit, they pretend to instead, and fall back, acting in pain, untill they usually burst out laughing and reveal they missed them.
DF : +1 to dodge rolls, and fun RP.
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!! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: !! Technique/Spell Contest !!   !! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty2011-02-13, 11:34 pm

Entered for Contest:

Name: Oozing Skin
Rank: 2 (Defensive)
Description: The caster chants the incantation of this spell, and after the spell is chanted, the caster's own skin would begin to ooze for slimy, thick, slow dripping ooze. Blows seem to slide off as they would hit this ooze and the blows seem to be damped.
DF Effect: 1d4+1 DR for 1d4-1(min 1) rounds. Can be used to counter bonuses done by a melee technique of Rank 2 or lower, but do not gain the DR.(aka, normal damage is done, but either gain any bonuses)

Name: Blood's Torment
Rank: 4 (Offensive)
Description: The caster sends forth a blast of pure mana at the target of this spell. Once the spell hits the target, the target's blood spasms from the force of the mana as the user can manipulate the blood into multiple directions. This causes damage to the target's blood vessels, arteries, and veins.
DF Effect: 2d8+2 Mana-based Damage. 1d4 rounds of 2 damage starting the turn after this spell is used.

Name: Cloud of Madness
Rank: 4
Description: This spell is known by casters who battle in armies to disrupt command among the common soldiers to strike at them while defenseless or to assault lesser casters in spell battles. This spell requires the caster to trace three runes in the air before them self, Madness, Disruption, and Chaos. After these are traced, the caster unleashes a shout into the runes which causes the runes to explode, and spread over a group of people. Only the strongest of mind usually resist this spell. Though it only lasts for a couple moments, it still becomes a huge advantage and prevents casters from becoming unwanted targets.
DF Effect: AoE. Mental vs Mental save to resist. Failure: 1d4+2 rounds of being unable to attack caster by any means. Success: Can act as normal.

Name: Flight
Rank: 3
Description: The caster enchants their own body, or someone elses, to turn them light enough to float about 40-70 ft in the air and allows for quick travel, remove themselves from melee combat, and to simply pull random pranks.
DF Effect: Removes person from combat or prevents melee attacks from hitting themselves
RP: Can rp flying

For Server Use, Not For Contest:

Name: Swarm of Hornets
Rank: 3 (Offensive)
Description: The caster draws the rune of insects in front of their mouth. Instead of blow air upon the rune, the caster throws a hand full of dust,dirt,sand, or mud at the rune. As the rune is struck, the item throw at the target transforms into a swarm of deadly hornets which can change direction to track their intended target with ease.
DF Effect: Blockable, undodgeable. 2d6+2 damage

Name: Destructive Ooze
Rank: 4
Description: The caster creates a huge orb of ooze infront of them by combine water, or any liquid in the area with mana. This orb of ooze is slow moving at first, but like a snowball rolling down hill, it speeds up. And once this spell begins to move there is no stopping it. If hit by this spell, the target begins to slowly melt as it is crushed by what at first seems to be a light-weight ball of slime is really hundreds of pounds heavier.
DF Effect: 2d4+2, 4 damage(1/2 bludgeoning, 1/2 acid) for 1d4+2 rounds

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!! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: !! Technique/Spell Contest !!   !! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty2011-02-14, 8:07 am

Entered for Contest:

Name: Flurry
Rank: 2
Weapon fighting style
Description: the fighter unleashes a flurry of blows upon his target repeatedly stabbing or slashing at them to do as much damage as they can before the target can strike back
DF Effect: make 2 attack rolls instead of one at -2 to the roll, if both hit, roll damage twice with no penalty

Name: Leg Sweep
Rank: 2
Unarmed fighting style
Description:the fighter drops down to the ground and twirls in place extending 1 leg to sweep his opponents out from under him/her
DF Effect: if hits roll half damage rounded up, target is knocked down (stunned) for 1 round

Name: Frozen armor
Rank: 2
Magic (Defensive)
Description: the caster raises their hands palm up in front of them and extends their magic over their arms and then the rest of their body freezing the moisture in the air around them into a layer of frozen armor which does not inhibit the ability to move
DF Effect: user gains 1d4+2 DR for 3 rounds, does not stack with multiple castings

Name: Burning Wind
Rank: 3(4?)
Description: the caster holds out their hands palms forward as they focus the magic needed for this spell, pouring the energy into the air making it vastly heat up and begin to spin and once it has started to form a small twister they add the last component to the spell, weaving an intense fire through the wind so that a twister of flames is formed and sent at the target
DF Effect: AOE(melee) 2d6+2 to main target 1d6+1 to secondarys

Long Sig has MORAL!
I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desart. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed: And on the pedestal these words appear: "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.

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!! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty
PostSubject: Re: !! Technique/Spell Contest !!   !! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty2011-02-14, 10:02 am

"Necrosis" (beware of gruesome imagery on link) theres why Araña de Rincón it'd be unhealable inside of combat.
(possibly forcing the person to loose a limb if it goes over a certain ammount of damage, as necrosis infected tissue cannot be restored but yeaaah) Razz
i'll post up another technique that i had planned to pull on X but it never happened over there, i dont
realy care if i learn the beneath techniques automaticaly or not... its just nice to be able to contribute to the module
in terms of creativity and variation, 3 lvl 4's as i couldnt make them into anything less powerfull judging by RP of it....
The melee and the Heavens i'd rather personaly have as lvl 5's as it fits their RP more.

Submitting all of them... as it'd be nice just to have a widget made for them even if i'm not the one
getting it, i'd be willing to let NPC's be able to teach, aslong as they have matching portfolio powers.

___________Entering for Contest_______________________
LVL 4 - Araña de Rincón (spider corner)
[Tree]: Offensive Magic
[Description]:The name of the tecnique being taken from
the actual Arachnoid species that the inspiration of this technique came from,
the Chilean Recluse Spider is one of the larger species of recluse spiders
the venom of the Chilean recluse contains the dermonecrotic agent, "sphingomyelinase D"
which is otherwise found only in a few pathogenic bacteria.

This bacteria itself causing the process known as "Necrosis"
upon the bitten victim's skin tissue, spreading outwards from
around the original impact point along the victims skin.
Necrosis is the premature death of cells and living tissue.
Necrosis is caused by factors external to the cell or tissue, such as infection, toxins, or trauma.
This is in contrast to apoptosis, which is a naturally occurring cause of cellular death.
While apoptosis often provides beneficial effects to the organism, necrosis is almost always detrimental and can be fatal.

Cells that die due to necrosis do not usually send the same chemical signals to the immune system that cells undergoing apoptosis do.
This prevents nearby phagocytes from locating and engulfing the dead cells, leading to a build-up of dead tissue and cell debris at or near the site of the cell death.
For this reason, it is often necessary to remove necrotic tissue surgically, a process known as debridement.

The technique itself forms a small tiny strangely tripple coloured sphere
filled with the bacteria that causes necrosis, the ball itself's contact damage being minor
in the end and only realy used to splatter the victim with the bacteria that the attack carries
to inflict magicaly enchanced Necrosis upon the victim as the outer layer of the orb shatters
splattering the victim with the bacteria.

[DF-Effects]: Initialy deals: 1d4+2+wis/int acid damage, and on the users turns following (if hitting)
Causes the target to suffer degeneration of 3 damage for 5 rounds.
Unblockable, functions like normal offensive magic in terms of attacking.
(Damage caused by this cannot be healed and bypasses DR)

Level 4 - Wrath of the Heavens
[Tree]: Offensive Magic
The user raises her/her hand into the air above him/her to form a spear
carefully covering the mana-formed spear up in holy energies mixed with
the mana enfused with the wrath of the Thundergod , angling
it around carefully in his/her hand before violently flickering
his/her hand backwards sending the spear fourth as she hurls it forwards
at a unbelievable speed to Smite anyone who is foolish enough
to stand in path, the mixed energies
of electricity and holy energies can have a quite so devastating effect
on an armored target as the spear Electrocutes its target
with holy-lightning upon impact inflicting anguish and
suffering upon the target, during the forming process the skies
around the arena will turn dark filling the skies with dark
clouds of thunder as the sound of rolling thunder emmits from the skies,
and a thunderstorm bursts loose in the skies lighting the arena up
in a white light, a single bolt of thunder hits the tip of the user's hand as he/she
raises it into the air, before she as described above sends it hurled at
his/her enemies.

[DF-Effects]: Roll .
Deals:"2D6+2+INT/WIS innates" holy/elec (half elec half holy) damage to a single target, and if the opponent
has any sort of DR or the likes the DR will be nullified completely and
converted into additional damage.

LVL 5 - Swei Shin Ti:Yěmán huǐróng (brutal disfiguring tearing)
[Tree]: Melee Offensive, Unarmed
To begin with the users arms are crossed taking a moment to increase their concentration
and thus it sharpness, taking deep breathes focusing at one thing, their choosen victim and
their suffering at whats about to come, the user rushes forwards stopping infront of the victim
and places both index fingers into the corners of their victims mouth and then forcefully pushes
their arms forwards and outwards, splitting the victims cheek from the corner of the mouth up to
wards the ears in what is now called in the world of Shinma a "Kima Kur'tara grin",
after the area in the farthest north barbarian wastelands of Kima Kur'tara where the leader was slain by use of this technique shocking the nearby eye-witnesses, the killer acording to legend becoming the new Barbarian-King
The hands are then turned around to grab hold of the ears,
and then forcefully retracted and uncrossed, aiming to tear or even pull off the ears.

Next comes the deadly part.
The user would strike down and slightly across the body onto the bridge of the nose with the
heel of one hand, thus breaking the nose.
With the palm of the other hand they would then strike upwards onto the tip of the nose,
driving shards of broken bone back into the brain and causing death or
serius brain-damage, it is a horrible technique to witness and just the usage of
it is usualy enough to send even the most brave person quivering due to the sheer
gore and brutality associated with uses of it, sensitive people are known to faint simply by
being around or watching the performance of this brutal technique.

[DF]: x1 Use per battle,unblockable, cannot crit, Dex/Str for attacking-
Deals 3d10+10+STR BONUS+Innates damage to a single target upon hitting, upon
hitting the target must roll a CON check towards a straight DC of 30 or be unconcious for 2 rounds.
(cannot be attacked while unconcious)

LVL 1 - Twirling Hand of Dispair
[Tree]: Offensive Magic
This spell is rather simple to cast in the end, but it is however compared to the
"Shakaji" less about dirrect damage and more about lowering
the fighting morale and instill fear into the opponent aswell as crippling their
movement and sapping their strength, at the user's command
a mana-made hand lashes out breaking out from the ground beneath the
victim as the hand lashes upwards against a limb of the chosen victim
twirling its following green ripple of death around a limb of the victim
attaching itself to the limb as it starts emmiting a vile aura that will
burn and cause extruciating pain caused by nerve-reactions
and muscle-cripping effects to whatever it comes in-contact with.

[DF-Effect]: Deals 1d4 damage to single target and
causes the victim to suffer a -2 to all rolls not including damage for the next 1d4 rounds.

!! Technique/Spell Contest !! Scarec10
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PostSubject: Re: !! Technique/Spell Contest !!   !! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty2011-02-16, 12:01 am

- Neatened this Up. Please Continue Everyone. We need all the Help we can get on These. ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: !! Technique/Spell Contest !!   !! Technique/Spell Contest !! Empty

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!! Technique/Spell Contest !!
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