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 Grim's Plague Spells

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PostSubject: Grim's Plague Spells   Grim's Plague Spells Empty2011-02-10, 7:14 pm

Account: Talmora
Forum Account: Talmora
Character: Grim
Spell Branch: Custom/Plague
Spell Type: Plagues/Diseases/Posions


Level 1:

Name: Dripping Claw
Info: The Caster forms mana around their hand and mold it into something of a single long and sharp claw that drips slime and acid. As the molding of the claw comes to an end, the Caster can launch it from there hand or use it as a close combat weapon. Though, there is little difference as to what happens in the end. If the target is hit, the acid would melt open a wound for the disease to enter into the body of the wounded person. The disease, though, is quick to pass, but otherwise is lethal.
DF: 1d4+1 damage, -1 to block/attack/casting/dodging rolls for 1d4 rounds.

Level 2:

Name: Plague of Flies
Info: The Caster would breath in air into their lungs and mixes their mana with it. As both components mix the caster would hold up a corpses of a bug infront of theirself and blows. As the mana/air mix strikes the dead bug, the mana causes it to multiple to the point where it looks like the simple breath blew forth millions of insects to swarm the area. The swarm of insects would attack anyone the caster targets, though..this control lasts for about three to five minutes, the effects can still be horrid.
DF: 1d6+1 AoE dmg when first hit, 2 rounds of 2 dmg to those hit by AoE

Level 3:

Name: Spore Storm
Info: Chanting the incantation for this spell summons up what looks to be fog at first. Though, this is untrue as instead of fog, it is really a cloud of toxic spores, rotting cells, and airborne plagues. This cloud can be directed at a certain area and those within suffer deadly effects. Their blood stream gets posioned, they puke up what they ate, and the feel light-headed all at once. This cloud lasts for about 10 minutes, though not really much more or less.
DF: AoE, 1d6 rounds of -2 to Con Saves, -1 to all rolls, and take 2 damage for the amount of rounds/2

Level 4:

Name: Creeping Death
Info: This spell requires the caster to use an object with taint in it. When casted, the ground would burst forth with tendrils of vines that drip acids, are covered in thorns, and are a very dark black-green color. When one of these vines strikes a person that person would be injected with a 'Creeper' Plague. Creeper Plague causes the veins inside of a person to slowly die/prevent blood from flowing through them. This causes great harm to those that have been hit with the vines. These vines seem to be animated for a while, but after a time frame the vines become still and rather brittle as if they are controlled by the mana of the caster.
DF: Creates 1d4+Int/Wis bonus vines. These vines can attempt to attack on the caster's turn in place of the caster doing an action. If the vines hit a person, they deal 1d4 acid damage and cause 1d4+2 damage for 1d6 rounds. Once a single vine hits a person that person can not be targeted until all rounds of damage are up. Everytime a vine hits that vine is considered 'Dead'

Level 5:

Name: Plague thy Land
Info: Using the very ground as a catalyst, the caster can cause the ground to turn black and cough up toxic clouds of death. These clouds do not come from nature or anywhere known, so resistance to them is slim to none. These cloud stay on the battlefield for long after the battle is over. The cloud are made up of plague insects, fleas, spores, viruses, bacteria, and even what appear to be dead rats. These bite, enter the body, or touch anyone spreads this spell over wide ranges.
DF: AoE, -2 to all rolls including damage for 1d10 rounds. Paying an extra 30 mana can cause this spell to last the remaining day, though the caster can't cast any other Plague spells, and is unresistable(As in, immunity to disease does not prevent this). If the caster chooses the 1d10 option they people hit take 1 damage a round.


Name: Sickness of Ages, Plague of Worlds, Silent Death of Planes
Info: This is plague magic at its most foul. This infects the whole land of the world, planes, dimension your in. It goes to the very core of the place your in and spreads the infection from there. This is a spell even the most insane of plague casters would not want to use unless they somehow knew a way of removing the after-affects, though. Those that knew this way of prevention are long dead now. This plague strikes everywhere in the body, those that gloat immunity to all diseases, plagues, and sicknesses soon find themselves struggling to live through the days this plague comes through the world.
DF: Roll 1d10, That is how many days IRL this spell lasts. Everyone takes -3 to all rolls, and if they battle take 1 damage everytime they take an action to defend, attack, cast, or flee. The caster of this spell must roll a CON save against a 20+1d10(number of days) DC. If they fail they are put to 10 hp/20 mp for the days this spell lasts and if they cast plague spells this decreases to 2 hp/5 mp. If they are successful they are at 30 hp/30 mp, though if they cast plague spells then act as if they failed the save. Also the caster, if they fight in DF,pvp,pvm, mut roll CON against 20+number of days left. If they fail the are considered knocked out for the remaining days and considered at -3 hp/-10 mp for the remaining time. To prevent the -3 to all rolls and 1 dmg every action, targets must roll con against casters int/wis. Otherwise unresistable. This also costs 40 more mana than regular forbidden spells.(60 mp cost IE)

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Number of posts : 223
Location : On the other side of Opposite.
Registration date : 2011-01-22

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PostSubject: Re: Grim's Plague Spells   Grim's Plague Spells Empty2011-02-12, 10:17 am

Added Rank 5 and Forbbiden
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PostSubject: Re: Grim's Plague Spells   Grim's Plague Spells Empty2011-02-12, 2:51 pm

*Stabs Grim to get "The Red-Death"!*

The basical lvl 1 adds a +2 to dmg... so yours is crazy in comparison. Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Grim's Plague Spells   Grim's Plague Spells Empty

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Grim's Plague Spells
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