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PostSubject: Complaints   Complaints Empty2011-02-07, 10:47 pm

Any and all complaints may be sent to me, Soul Saint.

Over your stay here in the world of Shinma, you may find an issue with either another player or a character of theirs. Whether it be how they act, or how powerful the character is. The following are what the Shinma Team considers worthy of complaining of:

- Someone disrupting Roleplay. This can be taken as many different things. One being 'Ganking', when higher levels of one Faction or Race gang up on a weaker opponent.
- Abusive use of a characters abilities. Overkill, or something of the like.
- Harassment. Repeated attacks on your own character, verbally abused OOC'ly, etc.
- Someone acting completely out of their races character. If they were allowed to, it would be posted on their Character bio. Clarify with the Head DM of the specific race to make sure anyway.
- Misplay of one's "Alignment". If someone is incorrectly playing their characters Alignment, then notify the DM's. This is a Roleplay server. Keyword, Roleplay. The point is to play your character accordingly, to promote both fun and an interesting environment for all.

What I, and the Shinma Team, ask of is that before sending a complaint, you do the following:

- Gather Information. This is most preferably in the forms of "screenshots". Speak with other players, ask for help in obtaining a screenshot. If you do not know how to to take one, then search for a button on your keyboard marked as "Prt Sc". To open it, use some form of a "paint" program. Save it, upload it, and send it in.
- Speak with the player you are having an issue with. You may just have the wrong idea in mind, so take a deep breath and clear your mind. Asking them may keep from wasting your own time, and the Shinma Team's own time.
- Take a moment to think. In the case you believe something is OP, read over the characters bio. Take some time to yourself to think about it. Consider the pro's and con's of the power in question. If you still feel it is OP, then, by all means, send a PM listing what you saw as pro's and con's. Along with your reasoning as to how/why it OP.

This list will most definitely grow over time. If you have a complaint, yet it does not follow the above or you question if it does, ask. I understand some of the guidelines above are vague, but feel free to send in complaints even if they do not match up with the above. I still request you follow the steps above before sending in a complaint, pending on the situation.

Questions about Races should be sent to the Head DM of the Race in question.
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