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PostSubject: Pickpocketeer   Pickpocketeer Empty2011-02-01, 6:01 am

Several people would in the Tohoku in find their money-pouch gone or pockets either emptied or taken partly from without as much as a trace or feeling of who took it, who knows?... it might have been stolen hours ago to begin with?...
ammounts of money taken depending upon how wealthy the general people seemed to be in-general.
In relation to the stealings the Lizardblood Tiefling Rogue known as Taki would be sitting outside in the glowing light emmited from the fullmoon in the otherwise dark night, upon the ceiling of the Inn with her long tail curled around the chimney of the house happily giggling quietly towards herself as she takes count her harvested money and other 'wordly' possessions that she managed to her her hands upon.

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